Saturday, March 5, 2011

FrontierVille Flower Shop

FrontierVille has introduced the new flower shop. You can now open your own flower shop and be able to unlock new breeds of flowers and even some secret ones. 

Introducing the Flower shop! Get your green thumb on and plant flowers to decorate your homestead, find rare exotic seeds, share with your friends and then you can do it again to find more seeds! We also have two new collections and two new badges!


  • The Flower Shop is available to players level 20 and above.

  • Complete repeatable flower missions to unlock new flowers to decorate your homestead with.

  • Keep an eye out, sometimes tending flowers will drop rare flowers that you can plant.

  • Flowers will droop after 2 weeks, but they can be tended and revived.

[Source: Zynga Forums]

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