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Saturday, August 28, 2010

FrontierVille Foundry Quest Line and Varmint Cannon Guide

The slowing rolling update for FrontierVille’s latest content release of the new Foundry and Varmint Cannons should have finally reached everyone by now! It took a little while, but these new items should be available for use on your homestead.

Foundry Building - 50000 gold, 50 wood + you have to gather 5 Shingles, 5 Pegs, 5 Mallets, 5 Cements, 5 Windows. 25 Whacks. Building it may drop common and uncommon collectibles only. Finishing and daily bonus can drop rare piece. Inside you can craft: 1x Saltpeter + 5x Fire = 4x Powder Keg. Additional daily bonuses are:

Manure Collection – All five types


Powder Keg

50 – 100 Gold

50-100 XP

There are four cannons you can buy in foundry building -

Snake Cannon – 2nd Goal – 5000 Gold

Groundhog Cannon – 3rd Goal – 30000 Gold

Fox Cannon – 4th Goal – 55000 Gold

Bear Cannon – 5th Goal – 80000 Gold

New Goals:

Build a Foundry

- One Saltpeter (From turning in Manure Collection)

- Craft One Fire (7 Wood and 5 Cloth in the Wagon make one Fire)

- Finish the Foundry (25 Whacks, 5 Pegs, 5 Shingles, 5 Windows, 5 Cement, 5 Mallets)

What We Need Is a Snake Cannon!

- Craft or Buy One Powder Keg (1 Saltpeter and 5 Fire to craft inside Foundry = 35 Wood & 25 Cloth)

- Get 10 Insurance Waivers From Neighbors

- Buy a Snake Cannon (5000C from Foundry)

Reward – 3 Powder Kegs

Seriously. It Is a Cannon That Shoots Snakes

- Clear One Skull

- Fire Snake Cannon (Twice, requires 1 Powder Keg per Fire)

- Place One Bucket (1 Wood 250C)

Groundhogs: This Time It Is Personal

- Harvest 10 Crops

- Fire Groundhog Cannon (30,000C to buy from Foundry)

- Buy One Pitchfork at the Market (400C)

Reward - 100XP 1 Powder Keg

A FrontierVille Fox Hunt

- Feed Ten Geese

- Fire Fox Cannon (55,000C to buy from Foundry)

- Collect Ten Scrap Metals

Reward - 100XP, Decorative Cannon Balls

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

FrontierVille Varmint Cannons

Those pesky snakes and bears getting in your way and scaring the children on your homestead, no need to worry anymore. Varmint Cannons are coming to FrontierVille. So what is a Varmint Cannon according to FrontierVille a Varmint cannon is the ability with One click of these amazing contraptions to blast your varmint troubles right off of your frontier with a click!

How to get a Varmint Cannon.

Well you need to have saltpeter, pardner. How to get Saltpeter, by trading in the manure collection. If you would like to know more about the manure collection please click here

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

FrontierVille Storage Shed Guide

To get started, head to the in-game market and purchase the Storage Shed frame. You can find it under the Buildings tab in the Market. The frame costs 20,000 coins and 20 wood, and once you place it on your property, you'll have to spend 10 energy and a total of 100 pieces of wood to whack it. 

frontierville storage shed
Once all of the whacking is done, then you'll have to start collecting materials to complete the building. You'll have to collect 35 items in all, a list which consists of the following:

  • 5 Windows

  • 5 Cement

  • 5 Pegs

  • 5 Mallets

  • 5 Singles

  • 10 Elbow Grease

These materials can be acquired by requesting them from friends, and that is the only way you can get these materials right now -- you can't buy them in the store and they are also not available for everyone to send items as free gifts. That means that unless you have very active neighbors, building this shed could be quite difficult. Hopefully this will change over the next few days.

There's a new achievement that comes along with the Storage Shed -- the 'Saving Space' achievement. To complete this achievement, you will have to build the storage shed, customize it and buy one farm rake from the market (which costs 2,000 coins and 5 wood, located under Decorations in the market).frontierville storage shed achievement

I haven't finished my shed yet, mostly because the only way you can get the materials needed is by begging friends, there is no option to buy them in the store (not yet, at least). Here's the rest of the details from the official FrontierVille forums: 
"Building itself costs 120 Wood and 20,000 gold totally. Rare piece drops only on complete and daily bonus. Daily bonus contains random item from basic decorations: Cobblestones, Fences, Flowers, Chairs, Stools, Firewood, Benches, Crates, Shovels, Pitchforks and much more but no expensive or Horseshoe item."

storage shed collection

In addition to the achievement, there is also a new Storage Collection which consists of the following items:

* Door Hinge
* Spider
* Step Stool
* Toolbox
* Vice Clamp

Once you've collected all of these items, you will be able to turn them in for a free Work Bench decoration. 


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Friday, August 20, 2010

FrontierVille Storage Shed

Got too mush stuff on your homestead, need more space for new decorations and buildings. FrontierVille have announced that soon you will be able to build a storage shed to place all the extra things you don't really need, but would like to keep. Seems like a lot of FarmVille ideas are now making their way to FrontierVille.Will update this post with more details as soon as they start Rollin in. 

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

FrontierVille How To Craft a Land Grant

Frontierville Land GrantIn section 5 of expanding your homestead you will have to craft a land grant.

Frontierville Craft a Land GrantFrontierville Craft a Land Grant

Land grants are really expensive but you need one to expand your homstead !
Crafting a land grant will cost you 15 cloth (the blue ones) and 100,000 coins – which is the price of expanding your homstead because instead of paying coins you pay with land grants which is 100,000 each. So in the future you may need 2 or 3 grants to expand.
You cannot use horseshoes to unlock this and your land office must be built!

[Hat tip: Tutorialsxo]

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Frontierville how to Craft a Sextant

Frontierville SextantFrontierville sextant is one of the goals in section 5 of expanding your homestead. So how do you “craft of sextant” in frontierville?

Frontierville Craft a SextantFrontierville Craft a Sextant

In section 5 you will need to get the land office built, then craft a sextant and then craft a land grant.

Crafting a sextant requires the land office to be built and when it is you click on it to go inside like you would any other building, and then you can build it for 25 wood and 3 tools and you get tools from people posting stuff on your wall (you can check how many tools you have in your inventory.
You can also unlock this for 8 horseshoes and that will just give you a sextant without having do pay for anything or even without having the land office built

[Via Tutorialsxo]

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FrontierVille The General Storesplosion

Frontierville The General Storesplosion ! There are some new summer items in frontierville only here for a limited time!

Frontierville General StoresplosionFrontierville General Storesplosion

In the market in specials and decorations you will find some new items “the frontierville folks have been hard at work stocking up the general store. Maybe too much ! Check out the overflow in the market !

Frontierville General StoresplosionFrontierville General Storesplosion

New items:
- sale sign : 12 horseshoes (limited edition)
- sheriff statue : 15 wood , 5000 coins (limited edition)
- lemonade stand : 25 horseshoes (limited edition)
- crates : 20 wood , 3500 coins
- fruit stand : 25 horseshoes (limited edition)
- can pyramid : 12 horseshoes
- delivery wagon : 35 horseshoes (limited edition)
- sacks : 3000 coins
- trash pile : 15 horseshoes

For the limited edition items there is currently 2 days and 3 hours left and then they’ll be gone for good!
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[Thanks to : Tutorialsxo]

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Friday, August 13, 2010

FrontierVille 29x29 homestead expansion goals

GOAL: Homestead Expansion Part 1
Time to Start Staking Claims

It's gettin' to be time to expand your land, but there's lots that needs to be done first. For starters, we'll be needin' wood and other supplies. Go out and get them all

1. Have 200 Wood (Fulfilling this mission will consume 200 Wood)
2. Purchase One Lumber Cart
3. Collect One Axe (Fulfilling this mission will consume the Axe too)
Tips :
Gather wood chopping trees.
Lumber Cart can be found in the market.
Axe is part of the Oak Tree collection.
ProTip: If you've previously collected 200 wood and an axe (and if you've been playing a while, it's likely you've already done this), you will only need to buy the lumbert cart in the market for 3,500 coins and 25 wood. Goalfinito.

GOAL: Homestead Expansion Part 2
- Visit Ten Neighbors
- Collect Ten Survey Authorizations (Fulfilling this mission will consume the Authorizations)
- Clear Ten Neighbor Debris
Tips :
- Debris are items such as Grass, thorns, rocks, and wildflowers
- Ask your friends to send Survey Authorizations by clicking the "Ask" button.
You can get Survey Authorizations by posting on your Facebook Wall. Only three friends can reply each time you post a Survey request, but you can also collect them from your friend feed.
GOAL: Homestead Expansion Part 3

- Get 10 Map Coordinates (Fulfilling this mission will consume the Map Coordinates)
- Chop 20 Neighbor Trees
- Craft Four Planks
Tips :
Click on "Ask" button to request Map Coordinates from neighbors
Construct Planks in Covered Wagons.
(The coordinates and planks will be deducted once you've completed this mission.)
GOAL: Homestead Expansion Part 4

- Lay Ten Stone Borders (giftable)
- Lay Six Flowerbeds (giftable)
- Place Four Log Benches

Reward : Unlocked Land Office
GOAL: Homestead Expansion Part 5

- Finish the Land Office (requires 19 whacks - 5 wood each- + 8 of each building material)
- Craft One Cartographers Tool (requires 25 wood and 3 tools)
- Craft One Land Grant (requires 100,000 gold and 15 cloth)

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

FrontierVille 29x29 Homestead Expansion

FrontierVille 29x29 Homestead Expansions have arrived. You will be able to find the new expansion quest in the market with an early unlock on 7 horseshoes. If you do not have 7 horseshoes to spare you can buy them for $1, or better still if you haven't used the free Facebook credits you got. you can use your free Facebook credits to buy the 7 horseshoes and get an early lock. You can then start your 29x29 homestead expansion. So head on over now to the market place in FrontierVille and get your 29x29 expansion. There is also a minimum requirement of three neighbors. Once you get the expansion you have to go through a series of five special quests before the land is actually expanded. Will be updating what those five quests are ASAP. The last expansion available on FrontierVille was 24x24. So 29x29 is really good for players who need more space to make their homestead into the ultimate goal "A Frontier Town". 

Below is the teaser offered by FrontierVille

Howdy Pardners! Did you know that in 1803 the United States purchased the Louisiana Territory expanding the country by 828,800 square miles? With these new expansion quests I’m sure to get myself more of that untamed frontier with pristine timber and plenty of wildlife just waitin' to be refined!

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Monday, August 9, 2010

FrontierVille Sharp Axe

FrontierVille and Mafia Wars are running a cross promotion. Every time you level up in Mafia Wars you get a sharp axe in FrontierVille. 

With each sharp axe allows you 4 chops and costs you only 1 energy. Once you start getting these sharp axes from mafia Wars you can get one every 16 hours. 

You can also get 5 sharp axes from the market but that will cost you 50 horseshoes. You need to be a minimum level of 5 in Mafia Wars before you can get the Sharp Axe. For those of you who are new to Mafia Wars it is easy to reach level 5 by doing jobs and fights. With a minimum effort you can start getting the sharp axe's you need to cut down trees on your homestead and keep things neat and tidy. 

To get the sharp axe you will need to login to FrontierVille and get the pop-up as seen in the image below. 

Clicking yes will ensure another pop-up that will detail this promotion and take you to Mafia Wars to start playing and getting the Sharp Axe.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

FrontierVille New Farm Equipment

As the farm equipment in FarmVille, the FrontierVille Farm Equipment is more for decoration than anything else. The new Mower, Farm Rake and Seed Drill are all now available in the market. 

1. The Mower costs 25 horseshoes and gives you 150 XP
2. Farm Rake will cost you 5 wood and 2000 coins and gives you 20 XP
3. Seed Drill will cost you 8 wood and 3200 coins giving you 32 XP

All these are available in the market under the decorations tab. 

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FrontierVille Mystery Gifts

You can now send mystery gifts in FrontierVille. To send a gift login to the game and you see the mystery gift link at the bottom left hand corner of your homestead. You can now send them to your friends and ask them to send you some in return. 

Here's a look at what you get from Mystery Gifts as seen on FrontierVille forums.

* Hotdog – (2 exp / 5 energy)
* Fancy Steak Dinner – (4 exp / 10 energy)
* Frenchfries – (8 exp / 20 energy)
* Hamburger – (12 exp / 28 energy)
* Icecream sandwitch – (15 exp / 35 energy)
* Decoration: Bike
* Building Materials
* School Supplies
* Tools, Ribbon, Plank, Fire, Cloth
* Few basic decorations
* Food, wood, gold, exps, reputation, energy
* Animals, few collectables needed for quests
* 1 – 4 Horseshoes
* Postcard Collection
* Horshoe items: Tend here, Hands off, Tombstone, Hitchingpost, Wheatbale, Large pond
* Beef Jerky !

Here's a more detaild discrtion of what you get

- Empty Feed Trough
- Birdhouse
School Supplies:
- Slate
- Chalk
- Ink Well
- Ink Pen
- Spitball
Building Supplies
- Hammer
- Hand Drill
- Brick
- Paint Bucket
- Nails
Goal Supplies:
- Coffee Cup
- Welcome Mat
- Wired Fence
- Linen
- Cloth
- Tools
- Breakfast
- Fire
- Ribbon
- Plank
- 1 Horseshoe
- 100 xp
- 100 coins

- Linen
- Thimble
- Welcome Mat 
- White Egg
- Brown Egg
- Coffee Cup

Post card collection

If there is something missing please update using the comments section below.

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FrontierVille Post Card Collection

FrontierVille has a new collection called the post card collection. To complete the collection you will need to collect 

1. Baltimore Postcard
2. Boston Postcard
3. New York City Postcard
4. Philadelphia Postcard
5. Richmond Postcard.

These postcards can be found in the newly released mystery gifts. Once you get the entire collection you can trade it in for 1 Saltpeter. You can also get the Saltpeter in the Manure collection. The only known use for the Saltpeter is to make fireworks. 

What could be on the horizon.?

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Friday, July 30, 2010

FrontierVille Dinner Bell or Triangle

So this is what you need to do in FrontierVille if one of your family members go missing. Especially during diner time. You need to get your Dinner Bell or Triangle out and summon your lost family members for dinner. This is a good way to bring discipline in the family and make sure no one goes missing out there on the Frontier. You can buy the dinner bell for 5 horseshoes and you get 50 XP. The Dinner Triangle can be got for 10 wood and 10000 coins. It yields 100 XP. So head over to the store now and check under decorations.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

FrontierVille How to stop your character from doing a job

FrontierVille has a new stop button out to help you stop your character from doing interactions you did't want to do just yet. So in case you started to tend to animals or crops you were not ready tom actually to. Then there is a red stop button located right next to your backpack. Click that and you can stop your character from performing actions.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

FrontierVille Peanuts

George Washington Carver (January 1864 – January 5, 1943), was an American scientist, botanist, educator, and inventor. The exact day and year of his birth are unknown; he is believed to have been born before slavery was abolished in Missouri in January 1864.Much of Carver's fame is based on his research into and promotion of alternative crops to cotton, such as peanuts and sweet potatoes.

Well the inspiration for this crop is credited to G. W. Carver by FrontierVille. The peanuts crop is available in the market. You need a minimum of 12 neighbors to unlock this crop or you can get an early unlock which will cost you 12 horseshoes. Once planted peanuts yield 2 XP. When harvested you get a minimum of 13 XP, 5 food and 1450 coins. (Source: Wikipedia)

This is what FrontierVille has to say about the 1500 peanuts. Howdy Pardners! 1500 peanuts??? Well I reckon some of you might be wonderin' what we'll do with all those nuts, but thanks to G.W. Carver we know that peanuts have hundreds of uses including: adhesives, bleach, instant coffee, metal polish and even a component in a patent medicine for TB. Rest assured, folks, all those peanuts are going to good uses! 

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FrontierVille Varmint Update

Players of FrontierVille looking for varmint to clobber to finish various collections will need to know that there can only be one Varmint on your homestead during game play. So if you looking to clobber bears, you'll need to clobber the bear already on your homestead before another one can appear. There will never be more than one. The same goes for foxes, groundhogs and snakes. So scare of the first one or you won't see no more. 

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Monday, July 26, 2010

FrontierVille Win 500 Horseshoes

Here's how to win 500 horseshoes in FrontierVille. You would need to decorate your homestead with all your focus on the waters features. If your homestead is the best you can win 500 horseshoes. 

Here is the official rules and guides for the competition.

Post a screenshot of your homestead focusing on the water features and you can win 500 Horseshoes.

The winning entry will also be featured on FrontierVilles fan page! 

The Rules:

  • One entry per person.

  • You must post your entry to this thread. You may use any free image hosting website to display the picture. Guide to posting screenshots of your homesteads.

  • Your image may be cropped and resized but you may not photoshop or otherwise edit the content of your image.

  • Your entry must be of your homestead you cannot enter a friend or neighbors homestead.

  • No insulting or making negative comments about other contest entries, this will not be allowed and may result in the disqualification of your entry.

  • All entries must be posted to the forums byAugust 3rd 2010 8am PST and 11am EST

The Prize
  • 500 Horseshoes goes to the top chosen homestead.

Please be aware that Facebook images will not post here on the forums if you have specific permissions set. We recommend uploading all images to an image host such as imageshack or Jing. Please see for additional information.

Selection of Winners
  • The top 10 Homesteads will be selected by the FrontierVille team. A poll will then be created for you to vote for your favorite homestead out of the 10. The top choice will win 500 Horseshoes.

[Via FrontierVille Forums]

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

FrontierVille Collections

Here is complete list of all the collections currently available in FrontierVille and a brief guide on how to get all collection items and rewards you get once you trade in or turn in your collections. 

Cabin Collection – 2 Clothing + Free rocking chair
– Candlestick, Skillet, Fireplace Tool, Stove, Welcome Mat
– building your cabin and clearing the land

Clearing Collection – 35 Wood + free shove
– Arrowhead, Eagle Feather, Old Pottery, Mushroom, Spanish Coin
– from clearing grass, rocks, tress, stumps, thorns, cactus, skulls, and wildflowers

Family Collection - Reputation +5 and a free washboard
– Overalls, Portrait Photo, Hope Chest, Diary, baby Shoes
– opening mail and harvesting crops

Snake Collection – 40 Food + free apple tree
– Snake Skin, Snake Egg, Snake Rattler, Venom Vial, Snake Fangs
– from clobbering snakes

Oak Tree Collection – 3 Fire + Free Oak Sapling
– Termite, Axe, Bird’s Nest, Oak Leaf, Acorn
– from chopping oak trees (minimum 2 chop trees)

General Store Collection – 2 Tools + 50 Wood
– Desk Bell, Old Book, Cash Register, Grain Sack, Receipt
– build your general store

Corn Collection – Free Goat + 25 XP
– Corn Bread, Corn Chowder, Corn Fritters, Grits, Popcorn
– harvest corn crops

Wildflower Collection – 50 experience and 1 bouquet
– Orange Flower, Pink Flower, Purple Flower, White Flower, Yellow Flower
– from clearing wildflowers

Wagon Collection – 2 Planks + 2 Fire
– Brake Lever, Seat, Wagon Wheel, Yoke, Wagon Tongue
– collect your wagon bonus daily

Chicken Collection – 4 energy
– Chicken Breast, Chicken Broth, Chicken Drumstick, Omelette, Eggs
– from feeding chickens

Goat Collection – 25 XP + free cherry tree
– Can, Feta Cheese, Cashmere Sweater, Goat Milk, Goat Stew
– from feeding goats

Tomato Collection – 500 Coins
– Fried Tomatoes, Tomato Sauce, Salsa, Tomato Soup, Ketchup Bottle
– from harvesting tomatoes

Bear Collection – 1 Clothing + Animal Ready Boost
– Bear Skull, Bear Tooth, Bear Meat, Bear Pelt, Bear Claw
– from scaring bears

Pine Tree Collection – 3 planks + Free Pine Sapling
– Spiked Boots, Pine Cone, Pine Needles, Turpentine, Tree Wedge
– from chopping down pine trees

Barn Collection – 1 Sawhorse + Animal Harvest boost
– Salt Lick, Lantern, Milk Jug, Feed Pan, Hay Hook
– from building your barn

School Collection – 3500 Coins
– Eraser, Lunchbox, Paper, Pencil, Ruler
– from building a school house

Inn Collection – 1 Lucky Horseshoe
– Basket, Coffee Cup, Dinner Plate, Linen, Pillow
– from building an Inn

Sheep Collection – 3 cloth and 2 ribbons
– Wool Coat, Wool Gloves, Wool Hat, Wool Socks, Shears
– from feeding sheep

Cow Collection – 25 Food + free bucket
– Butter, Cheddar Cheese, Cottage Cheese, Milk, Swiss Cheese
– from feeding cows

Horse Collection – Free Mule
– Saddle, Horsehair Brush, Boot Spurs, Grooming Brush, Laso
– from feeding horses

Mule Collection – Fruit Ready Boost
– Bedroll, Bridle, Feedbag, Saddlebags, Harness
– from feeding mules

Pig Collection – Free Peach Tree + 25 XP
– Bacon, Ham, Pork Chop, Ribs, Sausage
– from feeding pigs

Ox Collection – Free Cow + 25 XP
– Branding Iron, Ground Chuck, Steer Horn, Rib Eye, Nose Ring
– from feeding ox

Clover Collection – free sheep + 25 Food
– Clover Tea, Bee, 4-Leaf Clover, Clover Honey, Clover Blossom
– from harvesting clover crops

Cotton Collection - 5 cloth and 1 ribbon
– Boll Weevil, Cotton Gin, Cotton Seed, Thread Spool, Yarn Ball
– from harvesting cotton crops

Peanut Collection – Unwither Crop Boost
– Boiled Peanuts, Peanut Brittle, Peanut Butter, Peanut Oil, Roasted Peanuts
– from harvesting peanut crops

Pea Collection – Wither Protection Boost
– Pea Soup, Pea Stew, Pea Pod, Peas and Rice, Snow Pea Stir Fry
– from harvesting pea crops

Potato Collection – 660 Food + free crate
– Baked Potato, Hashbrowns, Mashed Potatoes, Potato Roll, Potato Soup
– from harvesting potato crops

Wheat Collection – Free Haystack + Free Pitchfork
– Johnnycakes, Muffin, Cream of Wheat, Bread, Cookies
– from harvesting wheat crops

Pumpkin Collection – Free Goose + 25 XP
– Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Seeds, Pumpkin Muffin, Jackolantern, Pumpkin Bread
– from harvesting pumpkin crops

Flax Collection - 4 Ribbon + 2 Cloth
– Canvas, Rope, Twine, Flaxseed Oil, Farmer Hat
– from harvesting flax crops

Cherry Collection - 3 energy
– Cherry Cider, Cherry Candy, Cherry Preserves, Cherry Cobbler, Cherry Pie
– from harvesting cherry trees

Peach Collection – 7 Energy + 1 Free Barrel
– Peach Cider, Peach Candy, Peach Preserves, Peach Cobbler, Peach Pie
– from harvesting peach trees

Apple Collection – Free Pig + 25 XP
– Apple Butter, Apple Candy, Apple Cider, Apple Cobbler, Apple Pie
– from harvesting apple trees

Pear Collection – 50 XP + Free Crate
– Pear Candy, Pear Cider, Pear Pie, Pear Preserves, Pear Cobbler
– from harvesting pear trees

Crafting Collection – 3 Tools + 50 Wood
– Jack Knife, Pin Cushion, Planer, Thimble, Whetstone
– unknown yet

Groundhog Collection – 4 energy
– Damaged Tomato, Chewed Corn, Peanut Shells, Eaten Peas, Pumpkins Rinds
– from clobbering groundhogs

Chicken Coop Collection – 50 Food + Downy Feathers
– White Egg, Brown Egg, Spotted Egg, White Feather, Brown Feather
- from collecting your Chicken Coop daily bonus

Sawmill Collection – +1 to Max Energy
– Bandsaw Blade, Sawdust, Logging Chain, Scrap Lumber, Circular Saw Blade
- from collecting your Sawmill daily bonus

Apricot Collection – 5000 Coins
– Apricot Candy, Apricot Cider, Apricot Fritter, Apricot Oil, Apricot Preserves
– from harvesting Apricot trees

Goose Collection – Downy Feather + 35 Food
– Goose Quill, Goose Egg, Foie Gras, Roasted Goose, Goose Soup
– from feeding your Geese

Sunflower Collection – +8 Energy
– Sunflower Seeds, Sun Butter, Sunflower Bread, Sunflower Oil, Sunflower Petals
– from harvesting your Sunflower crops

Fox Collection – Free Goose + 25 XP
– Fox Tail, Fox Fur, Fox Paw, Broken Egg, Chicken Bones
– from clobbering foxes

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Friday, July 23, 2010

FrontierVille Drops XP, Coins, Energy, Collectables gives you more coins

While playing FrontierVille you know that XP, Coins, Energy, Collectables keep dropping and you need to click on all these drops to store them away. Well this does not come without a bonus. As you keep clicking on all these drops to store them away you get additions coins and fills your bonus meter. To check the number of additional coins and your bonus meter simply open up your collections to find them. So clicking on all the things that drop in FrontierVille like XP, Coins, Energy, Collectables have their own bonuses. Clicking on these are not a waste of time. 

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