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Saturday, March 5, 2011

iMafia Wars Attack, defense and weapon stats

If you are playing Mafia Wars on your iPhone and you have questions relating to your weapons and how to attack and defend this guide is then for you.

Everyone always seems to be asking the same question...

Why are my attack and defense staying the same when I buy more weapons?

The answer is pretty easy to explain, but there are some things you need to keep in mind before the answer is explained:

1. You are allowed to take 500 mafia members into battle with you.

2. Since you're only allowed to take 500 mafia into a fight with you, that means you're only allowed to take 501 weapons, 501 defensive items, and 501 vehicles with you into battle. (500 mafia plus yourself = 501)

3. The highest-level items you can buy are Rocket Launcher, Night Vision Goggles, and Towncar.

4. The system will automatically add your highest attack and defense items together to form your overall attack and defensive stats. For example, if you have 100 mafia, and only buy 100 bonus weapons, then your total attack and defense score will be 200/200, since each bonus weapon has 20 attack and 20 defense.

So, with these things in mind, if you have been buying more weapons but your attack stats aren't going up, then one of the following things might be wrong.

1. Do you have 500 mafia members? If you only have say, 100 mafia, then the system is only going to be adding your attack and defense stats from weapons for the 100 mafia members you have. If you add more mafia members, and buy more weapons, your attack and defense stats should go up.

2. Are you buying the very best weapons, defensive items, and vehicles available to you? If you are buying weapons that are less in attack or defense power than what you currently have, then those numbers won't be added to your total stats.

[Source: Zynga Forums]

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Video: Mafia Wars Inventory Page Tutorial (New)

Theres a whole now inventory management page coming to Mafia Wars. This new page will help you get a better grip on what you have, what you need and what you need to get rid off, let's you improve you attack and defense. Check out the video tutorial provided by Mafia Wars below to learn more.

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Mafia Wars Event Stuff The Bird

Mafia Wars secret event Stuff The Bird is the second Thanksgiving theme based event. For this you will need three friends: an inside man, an enforcer and a hacker. If you choose to accept this event you will be given less than three days to complete it. So choose your companions wisely. If complete successfully you will be rewarded with items like the 66 Attack, 42 Defense Spy and the bloody knife with 39 Attack and 63 Defense, Tetanus. From this you see that the rewards are not great so the most you can expect is to have a good time with your mafia pals.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Mafia Wars Rendezvous at the Pentagon

Mafia Wars has launched the limited time onlu mission "Rendezvous at the Pentagon ". You can master levels by collecting militiary unifroms and be rewarded with special mastery rewards. Once completed you'll get Goverment Secrets which comes with 103 attack and 132 defence. The second level has been unlocked and you can now head over to your free gifts page and send some navy uniforms to your mafia friends who may be needing them badly. The good thing about this challenge is that you can get multiple mastery rewards from all wings of the forces, army, navy and the airforce.

Grand prize: Government Secrets

Number of gifts required to master each level are:
· Bronze-3 Gifts
· Silver-6 Gifts
· Gold-12 Gifts
(Total per uniform = 21)

Players who master all the military uniforms during the Rendezvous at the Pentagon event will earn the grand prize Government Secrets armor mastery item. The Grand Prize will only be given to players who master all three levels of all three gifts. For the first time, players will have the incentive to repeat the event after achieving the Gold Mastery Items, so that they can accumulate multiples of items.

Collecting 100 military uniform gifts will award a special achievement
Army Uniform Mastery Item: Ranger Kukri

Bronze Mastery Weapon 58/40

Silver Mastery Weapon 70/36

Gold Mastery Weapon 75/39

Navy Uniform Mastey Item: Patrol Dolphin

Bronze Mastery Animal 41/59

Silver Mastery Animal 35/69

Gold Mastery Animal 44/77

Airforce Uniform Mastery Item: Angel's Grace

Bronze Mastery Vehicle 42/61

Silver Mastery Vehicle 35/71

Gold Mastery Vehicle 43/78

Grand Prize: Government Secrets

Armor Mastery Item: 103/132

Q: Why isn't there a uniform for the Marines ("Oorah!")?

A: We only had three available spots, and by civilian leadership, the Marine Corps is a component of the US Department of the Navy.

Q: When does this event end?
A: A deadline hasn't been set yet.

Q: How many multiples can I get?

A: Once you've earned the Grand Prize item, your ability to collect multiples of the 3 Mastery items will unlock.

The current best strategy is to collect just enough uniforms to accomplish the first Gold Mastery item for each uniform and then wait until you've collected the Grand Prize. Then you can resume collecting other uniforms. It is possible to have multiple Gold Mastery Patrol Dolphins, but only 1 either Bronze or Silver Mastery Patrol Dolphin are allowed to exist at a time. Once you have a second set of Gold Mastery items, you will receive a second Grand Prize item.

Q: How many uniforms can be claimed from feeds per day?

A: Max number of uniforms you can claim from feeds is 3 per day. There is no limit on the number you can receive through gift requests.

At the moment (Thursday evening/Friday morning) we have a bug in which unsuccessful claims ('already claimed') counts against that limit of 3. We apologize and will get that fixed as soon as possible.

Q: When will the Navy / Air Force uniforms become available?
A: This is still to be determined depending on how the first day or so of this event goes.

Q: When will the 100 Uniform achievement become available and how can I track my progress?

A: The 100 Uniform achievement will become available once the Grand Prize is available. Until then, only 21 of each uniform can count towards your total.


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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mafia Wars Italy

Mafia Wars Italy is out now and you can help your friends get a head start by sending them Lira. The satchel of Lira is now available for you to send for free via your free gifts page. Be sure to send out free cash to all your loyal partners in crime to help them on their way. 

With a new city also come new properties. In total there are 6 new properties to build and the last one comes in the way of a future upgrade.

There are 5 other properties which will unlock as you progress through Italy. These properties will earn you more Lira and Boosts as you upgrade them.  These properties require an additional building item to upgrade.  The unique property building items are acquired by doing specific jobs.

Building ItemPropertyJobRegion
Volcanic Bricks
VillaConnect with La FamiliaRoma
Wine Barrel
WineryBuild the WineryPalmero
Fishing Net
FisherySmuggle Goods Through a FisheryVenezia
Motor Oil
Auto BoutiqueRob a CollectorMilano
*Not listed in the document but I assume it’s Milano
Football Player
Soccer StadiumTrash a Rival Camorra StadiumNapoli
*Not listed in the document but I assume it’s Napoli

In addition to Lira, 3 properties offer powerful boosts.

Olive Oil
+150 Robbing DefenseVilla
+100 DefenseWinery
+100 AttackFishery

John Mac "The Knife" is a very popular and strong Mafia Wars player.  Here is the image of his fully upgraded Italian Village.  


[ Source Mafia Wars Blog ]

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Mafia Wars Natural Disaster Crates

Natural Distaster Crates

The Zynga team have added yet another set of Crates to Mafia Wars with Natural Disaster Crates. For 12 Reward Points each or 35 Reward Points for three (around $3 and $7, respectively), you'll have a chance at one of eight disaster-themed weapons, vehicle and armor. Like the usual loot crates, each Natural Disaster Crate will have a 60 percent chance of containing a common item, a 30 percent chance for uncommon items and just a 10 percent chance of holding a rare item. 

You can also check what's inside the crates by clicking on the question mark beside the crates.

Check behind the break for a full list of the items you can win by picking up a few of these new crates. Here's a full preview of what you have to look forward to finding inside the Natural Disaster Crates:

Landslide Avalanche Lightning Strike

Common Items (60 percent chance)

Tornado Eruption Famine

Uncommon Items (30 percent chance)

Tsunami Earthquake

Rare Items (10 percent chance)

These new crates have cool looking items, but whether they're worth buying when more powerful items can be found in Las Vegas jobs alone should be taken under serious consideration. But hey, if you're a collector, there's no stopping you anyway. 

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mafia Wars Swamp Crates

Swamp Creates are now available in Mafia Wars. You can get with 1 crate for 12 Godfather points or 3 from 35. 1 swamp crate gives you 12 reward points and 60% chance for  items, 30% chance for  items, 10% chance for  items. 3 creates gives you 35 reward points and 60% chance for  items, 30% chance for  items, 10% chance for  items.


Gator 22 42
Cottonmouth Blade 43 23
Bullfrog 29 49


Swamp Camo 48 27
Wetland Guide 34 71


Croc Catcher 41 24
Mud Slinger 26 47
Swamp Buggy 72 32

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mafia Wars Challenge Mission Mumbai

In addition to taking over Las Vegas and beating the Feds, you'll be tasked with making a killing at the Bollywood Box office. Like previous Challenge Missions, Mumbai will only be around for a limited time, will be comprised if three chapters and -- to do the job -- you'll need to collect a special item, in this case Bollywood Film Reels. 

The Mumbai is now available on the travel button for limited time only..

You need to accomplish new mission in Mumbai : Make A Killing At The Box Office!

To complete the new challenge mission, you need to collect as many as “tickets” (I’m sure they meant is “Film Reels”..

First, you need to build your crew.. The background somehow still showing us the previous challenge mission in London! Nevermind…

The Chapter 1 will be unlocked 1 another 20 hours (when the screenshot were taken)..

Ok, so you need to recruit more mafia members before you are able to do the first chapter of the mission.. You can recruit manually or “buy” your crew for 9 RPs..

Now, you are able to collect free Film Reel..

What are the rewards for each chapter? Here you go :

“Your Challenge Mission is to push out a major rival to make a Bollywood blockbuster in Mumbai!

Your rival is not only a big player in the Mumbai underworld, but also an influential backer of many Bollywood films. Take over his entertainment business and you will be handsomely rewarded. The Challenge Mission has three chapters. Each has 4 jobs and drops exclusive items when a chapter is completed. A new chapter is unveiled each week. Gain access to Mumbai by collecting Bollywood Film Reels, which are found on the Challenge Mission page, the Marketplace, and through doing jobs, fighting, and robbing in other cities.”

[Hat Tip: TopMafia

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Mafia Wars District 6

Mafia Wars has a new district opened in Las Vegas. Las Vegas District 6 has just hit the streets.  And surprisingly enough, it happened exactly as the counter reached 30,000,000 as promised. Check out this announcement from Mafia Wars. District 6 is now open! It took 30 million fans to unlock it, and now it’s your chance to become the first among your friends to finish the Upper Strip! Go to Vegas and battle the notorious Hill Brothers to take over Sin City. The Hill Brothers are real tough, so make sure to ask your mafia to help you in this epic fight!.

The previous districts are:
District 1 – North Las Vegas
District 2 – Paradise City
District 3 – The Lower Strip
District 4 – Shogun Casino
District 5 – Mojave Desert

There are several ways to reach the boss in each district :Energy Path
You should choose the energy path if you have a high amount of energy

Fight Path
Choose the fight path ic you have serious muscle and stamina to beat your rivals. You will need to fight your way through to complete this path.

Social Path
A helpful mafia can help you finish jobs much easier with this path, as their help can contribute to your job mastery.

How to do jobs in mafia wars las vegas :
Map Navigation – use the map to explore different jobs and paths to completing districts
Path Tabs – select a job path that suits your style
Job Panel – learn job stats, and do jobs in the active, highlighted panel

Job Paths in Vegas on Mafia Wars explanation by Fenris (game designer)
I just wanted to clarify a few things that there seems to be some confusion about for Vegas jobs.

In each of the districts there are 2 and sometimes 3 paths to follow to reach the boss. Completing a given path will unlock the boss and, once the boss has been defeated, will also unlock the next district. In this way, you can complete one path in each district and unlock all 6 districts (and the properties that are unlocked from each of the first 5 districts).

However, to complete the level of mastery (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Ruby), you have to master ALL jobs in that district. This will mean mastering an extra 1-5 jobs (depending on which district you’re in and which path you selected first) per district. Jobs that are shared between paths will still be mastered in the second path if you already mastered them in the first path.

I realize that some energy players may feel this is unfair because they have to master fight jobs, and fight jobs are currently giving out 0% mastery on a loss. We’ll be adjusting this to make sure that even if you’re losing the fights, you’ll get a smaller amount of mastery – you just won’t be mastering the job as quickly as you would if you were winning each fight.

Additionally, keep in mind that having the extra jobs to complete in each district also gives you additional skill points you can earn.

I hope this clears up our intent for the paths.

Here is the new job tier:

Each tier this time around is actually independent. You can get to the boss through either the Social, Fighting, or Energy tiers. However, you still have to mastery each job type to move on to the next level of mastery.

Aside from the job mastery rewards, I found the following items while leveling up in this tier:

Gila Monster: 36 attack, 48 defense (animal)

P0lice Riot Helmet: 30 attack, 44 defense (armor)

Rangefinder Rifle: 37 attack, 54 defense (weapon)

Performance Sports Car: 47 attack, 38 defense (vehicle)

Goldsmobile: 40 attack, 55 defense (vehicle) - actually good

Diamondback: 56 attack, 48 defense (animal) - actually good

Reinhardt and Otto: 57 attack, 36 defense (armor) - actually good


The bosses of District 6 are the Hill Brothers. They start out with quite a bit of HP (8,000 in bronze, 16,000 in silver) and it only scales up from there. Here are the rewards:

Bronze Level of Mastery: 96 attack, 119 defense
Silver: 117 attack, 138 defense
Gold: 137 attack, 155 defense
Ruby: 160 attack, 175 defense


Killing them will be the tougher part, given their massive HP total. I was able to kill them pretty easy by spending a few Godfather points and this strategy:

- Attack the Hill Brothers

- Attack until you die. You will get 2 attacks off at a minimum, one for each of your henchman.

- Go to the marketplace and purchase a Health refill. These only cost 1 Reward Point now.

- Attack the Hill Brothers again until you lose again.

- Get another health refill at the marketplace (there is no cool down to this)

...repeat until they are dead.

I was able to beat each level of mastery while spending a handful of reward points. This was a lot less frustrating than trying to collect a million stun guns over and over again.

It's not that bad at all doing it this way and you can earn all of the points you will need simply by playing your free spins each day.


And yes, I know I have not posted in a long time. I think the time has come for me to move on to other games and other projects.

My decision to stop updating this page is not about money. This blog was never about making money and was always something I did for fun. The guide I wrote did make a little bit of money (thanks to everyone who bought it), but really writing a 200 page e-book and throwing up 300+ posts on this site in the past year certainly involved much more time than whatever I made back.

The moment the game stopped being fun for me was the moment I stopped making updates. Like anyone, I only have a so much free time in the day to dedicate to gaming and I am currently digging Starcraft 2 and the upcoming FF14 and am looking to shift my attention elsewhere.

At any rate, it's been a good ride, and I want to thank all the dedicated readers who have been coming back day after day for the past several months or even year(s).

If Mafia Wars 2 ever comes out, you know where to find me! I'll be right here.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Video: Mafia Wars Armored Truck Blowup by Snoop Dog ***FULL VERSION***

It's now just been a few hours since the highly anticipated Mafia Wars event " Armored Truck Blowup". The event was conducted live from the deserts of Las Vegas. For those who saw the live stream from Ustream, know that in the last minute the camera guys goofed up and the actual blowup was cowered by Snoop Dogg and fans missed it. 

In celebration of the event this is what Mafia Wars is giving away free to all players, all you need to do is to login to the game.

we're giving away the Limited Edition Hill's Armored Transport for you to use in your game. To get yours, just visit the Marketplace and collect it from the Featured Items before time is up! Click to get your truck and PLAY NOW:

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Mafia Wars Armored Truck blowup event, Snoop to lend a hand - Watch live

Less than half an hour left for the Mafia Wars Las Vegas Armored Truck blowup event and guess who's in attendance to lend a hand. None other than the Dogg Fater SnoopDogg. 

Click this link to check it out live.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mafia Wars Mini Sweepstakes

Mafia Wars has announced a mini sweepstakes contest in celebration of the Mafia Wars Blow-up event. Please find below the basic guidelines on how to enter and what you stand to win. 

Starting Saturday, August 14th and going through Aug 18th, be on the lookout for 5 updates to the official Mafia Wars fan page ( with "Contest Day" in the title (i.e.: "Contest Day 1"). When you see a post with this in the title, send an email to ilovemafiawars@zynga.comwith "I wanna get 10 million to Las Vegas and help blow up the truck!" as the subject, and provide the following information:

1) Full Name
2) Mailing Address
3) Mafia Wars Profile Link
4) Date of Birth
5) Primary Email
6) Phone Number (optional)

If you're one of the first 60 to respond for the day, you'll be the lucky winner of a Mafia Wars Schwag Pack filled with some awesome goodies. At the end of the 5th day, we'll select 3 Grand Prize winners at random from all the eligible entrants (except those who’ve already won a Schwag Pack), and will give them each an iPod!

The Rules
-From August 14th through 18th, watch for status updates on the Mafia Wars fan page with "Contest Day" in the title (i.e.: "Contest Day 1"). 
-When you see a status update on the fan page, send an email with the above requested info
- Entrants must be in compliance with the Facebook Terms of Use ( and the Zynga Terms of Service (
-The first 60 people to respond will win for that Contest Day
-One entry per person per contest day. Only the first entry from a mailing address will be accepted as an entry per contest day. (In other words, only one person from each household can win per contest day)
-Winners will be notified within 5 to 7 days of each Contest Day
-If you are one of the winners, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of your prize
-Contest void where prohibited by law

The Prizes
-Mafia Wars Schwag Pack for 300 winners
-An iPod for 3 Grand Prize winners, to be chosen at random from all entrants who did not win a Schwag Pack

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Mafia Wars The Daily Take

Mafia Wars The Daily Take promises big payouts for devoted fans. To get your daily reward all you need to do is to login to the game everyday. This however is not possible for many players who might not be able to login and play everyday. However if you can spare a few minutes on days you are not playing. Simply login for your daily take, get you bonus and continue playing on days you normally do. All in all players are going to login everyday for these huge daily takes. Remember to get the best you need to login everyday. This we presume will go on for a week. So login to keep the streak alive. You can see from the image that I received $2,600 New York Cash.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mafia Wars Set of Love Birds

The Mafia Wars set of love birds is now available for 35 RP in the marketplace. The pair if pistols called love birds. These guns come together and hence the name. The Love Birds are available during the hourly sale for 28 RP. They come with 26 Attack and 53 defense and are classified under the type "Weapons".

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Monday, August 9, 2010

FrontierVille Sharp Axe

FrontierVille and Mafia Wars are running a cross promotion. Every time you level up in Mafia Wars you get a sharp axe in FrontierVille. 

With each sharp axe allows you 4 chops and costs you only 1 energy. Once you start getting these sharp axes from mafia Wars you can get one every 16 hours. 

You can also get 5 sharp axes from the market but that will cost you 50 horseshoes. You need to be a minimum level of 5 in Mafia Wars before you can get the Sharp Axe. For those of you who are new to Mafia Wars it is easy to reach level 5 by doing jobs and fights. With a minimum effort you can start getting the sharp axe's you need to cut down trees on your homestead and keep things neat and tidy. 

To get the sharp axe you will need to login to FrontierVille and get the pop-up as seen in the image below. 

Clicking yes will ensure another pop-up that will detail this promotion and take you to Mafia Wars to start playing and getting the Sharp Axe.

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Video: Mafia Wars In Las Vegas

Mafia Wars Las Vegas is now live and happening. You needs racks of chips and lots of it to enter Vegas. Here is a Video an epic alert for Mafia Wars Vegas. 

This video has been released officially by Zynga Mafia Wars.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mafia Wars Las Vegas Fight Club Tournaments

You can now battle in the fight club tournaments in Mafia Wars Las Vegas. To begin you would need to choose your weight class, then use your stamina and racks of ships to compete for the championship title. Placing your bets and winning more chips could give you the chance of becoming world champ. 

The general gist of these tournaments are that you enter against other random opponents and fight in a bracket-style fight (single elimination) in order to see who the winner is. The winner then ends up with a collection piece, some $V, experience points, and Victory tokens (can be used to purchase items in the Marketplace under the "Fight Club" tab).

You can also bet $V on players (either yourself or others), which pay out odds based on their chance of winning.

 Choose your weight class.

As far as loot goes here is a screenshot

More info coming soon. If you have additional info please use our comments section.

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Mafia Wars Las Vegas Properties Guide

Every property has a rating of 1/2 star when you first build it, it needs to be upgraded to 5 stars in the same fashion as the Chop Shop and Weapons Depot. Below is the list of all items needed for the 6 Vegas Properties, along with how many items of each you will need and a link to add those to your Wishlist.

As soon as you are granted access to Vegas, you can build the Vault, provided you have at least 2 of each Vault Build Parts. At that point you can deposit and withdraw money from your vault, and since it is not a "chartered bank", there is NO BANKING FEES !!! Whohoo !!!

The Vault Capacity increases with the Star Rating. I haven't kept track of the lower stars rating (can someone can help fill the blanks?), but here is what I have gathered so far:

0.5 Star => $V100,000
1 Star => $V200,000
1.5 Stars => $V400,000
2 Stars => V$800,000
2.5 Stars => V$1,500,000 [or V$1,600,000 - TO VERIFY]
3 Stars => V$2,500,000 [TO VERIFY]
3.5 Stars => V$5,000,000
4 Stars => V$10,000,000
4.5 Stars => V$20,000,000
5 Stars => V$50,000,000

Besides letting you deposit and withdraw money in Vegas, the vault enables you to 
convert currencies of other cities to Vegas $ !

You can only do so once every 24 hours, and the maximum mount of V$ you can convert is dictated by your Vault's Star Rating. Note that you need the Cash IN HAND in order to convert it, it will not take it from your bank.

Typically, NY$ will let you get the most V$. In NY we can pick the amount we want to exchange from a scroll down menu, for the other cities the menu is there but there is only 1 value available. Here is an example of the exchange rates at the star rating I am at (forgot to take note of the lower star ratings !):
2 Stars Conversion Rates: (Thanks Dennis!)New York Cash:
$500,000 => V$1,000,
Cuba Cash
C$50,000 => V$2,000
Bangkok Cash
B$10,000 => V$2,000
3 Stars Conversion Rates:
New York Cash:

$500,000 => V$1,000
$1,000,000 => V$2,000
$2,000,000 => V$4,000
Bangkok Cash: 
B$10,000 => V$2,000
Cuba Cash:
C$50,000 => V$2,000
Moscow Cash:
R$50,000,000 => V$4,000
3.5 Stars Conversion Rates: (only NY and BK changed)New York Cash:
$500,000 => V$1,000
$1,000,000 => V$2,000
$2,000,000 => V$4,000
$4,000,000 => V$8,000
Bangkok Cash:
B$2,500 => V$2,000
B$10,000 => V$5,000
Cuba Cash:
C$50,000 => V$2,000
Moscow Cash:
R$50,000,000 => V$4,000
4 Stars Conversion Rates: (only NY and Cuba changed)(To verify, might have messed up on this star rating)
New York Cash:
$500,000 => V$1,000
$1,000,000 => V$2,000
$2,000,000 => V$4,000
$4,000,000 => V$8,000
$8,000,000 => V$16,000
Bangkok Cash:
B$2,500 => V$2,000
B$10,000 => V$5,000
Cuba Cash:
C$50,000 => V$2,000
C$250,000 => V$10,000
Moscow Cash:
R$50,000,000 => V$4,000
R$200,000,000 => V$20,000
4.5 Stars Conversion Rates: (only NY and Moscow changed)New York Cash:
$500,000 => V$1,000
$1,000,000 => V$2,000
$2,000,000 => V$4,000
$4,000,000 => V$8,000
$8,000,000 => V$16,000
$12,000,000 => V$20,000
Bangkok Cash:
B$2,500 => V$2,000
B$10,000 => V$5,000
Cuba Cash:
C$50,000 => V$2,000
C$250,000 => V$10,000
Moscow Cash:
R$50,000,000 => V$4,000
R$200,000,000 => V$20,000
5 Stars Conversion Rates:
ALL CITIES now let you change V$40,000...
New York Cash:
$500,000 => V$1,000
$1,000,000 => V$2,000
$2,000,000 => V$4,000
$4,000,000 => V$8,000
$8,000,000 => V$16,000
$12,000,000 => V$20,000
$24,000,000 => V$40,000
Bangkok Cash:
B$2,500 => V$2,000
B$10,000 => V$5,000
B$200,000 => V$40,000
Cuba Cash:
C$50,000 => V$2,000
C$250,000 => V$10,000
C$1,000,000 => V$40,000
Moscow Cash:
R$50,000,000 => V$4,000
R$200,000,000 => V$20,000
R$400,000,000 => V$40,000

To full upgrade the Vault to 5 Stars, you will need a total of 66 of each Vault Build Parts:

    Las Vegas Properties Building Materials

    Each of the additional 5 Las Vegas properties requires a specific amount of building materials to complete each star rating level. All buildings start at 1/2 star and are built in 1/2 star increments.


    The Slots property is unlocked by mastering the Bronze tier of the “Steal a Truckload of Slots” job in District 1.

    Upgrading your Slots property requires Cinder Blocks, Steel Girders, Construction Tools, Concrete and Slot Machines. The Slot Machines are dropped from the “Steal a Truckload of Slots” job in District 1.

    Table Games

    The Table Games property is unlocked by mastering the Bronze tier of the “Recruit a Table Game Dealer” job in District 2.

    Upgrading your Table Games property requires Cinder Blocks, Steel Girders, ConstructionTools, Concrete and Casino Dealers. The Casino Dealers are dropped from the “Recruit a Table Game Dealer” job in District 2.


    The Restaurant is unlocked by completing the Bronze tier of the “Convince A Restaurateur To Leave Town” job in District 3.

    Upgrading your Restaurant property requires Cinder Blocks, Steel Girders, ConstructionTools, Concrete and Chefs. Chefs are dropped from the “Convince A Restaurateur To Leave Town” job in District 3.

    Poker Room

    The Poker Room is unlocked by completing the bronze tier of the “Hijack a Poker Table Delivery” in District 4.

    Upgrading your Poker Room property requires Cinder Blocks, Steel Girders, ConstructionTools, Concrete and Poker Tables. Poker Tables are dropped from the “Hijack a Poker Table Delivery” job in District 4.


    The Hotel is unlocked by completing the bronze tier of the “Rescue A Hotelier” in District 5.

    Upgrading your Poker Room property requires Cinder Blocks, Steel Girders, ConstructionTools, Concrete and Bellhops. Bellhops are dropped from the “Rescue A Hotelier” job in District 5.

    The total number of materials needed are as follows:

    Las Vegas Properties Building Materials Chart

    Las Vegas Properties Building Supplies Chart Thanks to Jose Perez and theFacebookinsider]

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mafia Wars Blow Up Event

Zynga Mafia Wars is going to have a mega blow up event in Las Vegas. This publicity stunt is to celebrate the opening on a new city in mafia wars "las Vegas". Once there have been 10 million visit to Las Vegas in Mafia Wars a real armored truck will be blown up. There is also a contest to go along with the event where one lucky person will win $ 25,000  To enter the contest please click hereYou can enter to win the big prize by simply playing the Mafia Wars expansion, and you get an additional entry to win for each member of your Mafia that also visits Vegas. In addition enter the weekly drawing to win 10 custom iPads every week. las Vegas is huge and Mafia Wars is celebrating.

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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mafia Wars Jungle Crate

Mafia Wars Jungle Crate out now. This is a whole new mystery crate that you can get using reward points as they are not giftable. The chances to get rare items is 10%, uncommon items is 30% and common items 60%. The original cost was 12 RP but Mafia Wars is offering a 50% discount and it now costs 6 RP. You can get the Jungle Crate now at a 50% discount.

Items Include


Tent Peg and Hammer (40 Attack 24 Defense)
Survival Canteen (21 Attack 41 Defense)
Pack Mule (41 Attack 22 Defense)


Jungle Wasp Bow (46 Attack 23 Defense)
Survival Pack (48 Attack 25 Defense)
Waterproof Poncho (22 Attack 47 Defense)


Jungle Machete (69 Attack 32 Defense)
Silverback (36 Attack 68 Defense)

You can now also get a set of three Jungle Crates for 17 Reward Points which is a 50% on it's original price of 35 RP.

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