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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mafia Wars District 6

Mafia Wars has a new district opened in Las Vegas. Las Vegas District 6 has just hit the streets.  And surprisingly enough, it happened exactly as the counter reached 30,000,000 as promised. Check out this announcement from Mafia Wars. District 6 is now open! It took 30 million fans to unlock it, and now it’s your chance to become the first among your friends to finish the Upper Strip! Go to Vegas and battle the notorious Hill Brothers to take over Sin City. The Hill Brothers are real tough, so make sure to ask your mafia to help you in this epic fight!.

The previous districts are:
District 1 – North Las Vegas
District 2 – Paradise City
District 3 – The Lower Strip
District 4 – Shogun Casino
District 5 – Mojave Desert

There are several ways to reach the boss in each district :Energy Path
You should choose the energy path if you have a high amount of energy

Fight Path
Choose the fight path ic you have serious muscle and stamina to beat your rivals. You will need to fight your way through to complete this path.

Social Path
A helpful mafia can help you finish jobs much easier with this path, as their help can contribute to your job mastery.

How to do jobs in mafia wars las vegas :
Map Navigation – use the map to explore different jobs and paths to completing districts
Path Tabs – select a job path that suits your style
Job Panel – learn job stats, and do jobs in the active, highlighted panel

Job Paths in Vegas on Mafia Wars explanation by Fenris (game designer)
I just wanted to clarify a few things that there seems to be some confusion about for Vegas jobs.

In each of the districts there are 2 and sometimes 3 paths to follow to reach the boss. Completing a given path will unlock the boss and, once the boss has been defeated, will also unlock the next district. In this way, you can complete one path in each district and unlock all 6 districts (and the properties that are unlocked from each of the first 5 districts).

However, to complete the level of mastery (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Ruby), you have to master ALL jobs in that district. This will mean mastering an extra 1-5 jobs (depending on which district you’re in and which path you selected first) per district. Jobs that are shared between paths will still be mastered in the second path if you already mastered them in the first path.

I realize that some energy players may feel this is unfair because they have to master fight jobs, and fight jobs are currently giving out 0% mastery on a loss. We’ll be adjusting this to make sure that even if you’re losing the fights, you’ll get a smaller amount of mastery – you just won’t be mastering the job as quickly as you would if you were winning each fight.

Additionally, keep in mind that having the extra jobs to complete in each district also gives you additional skill points you can earn.

I hope this clears up our intent for the paths.

Here is the new job tier:

Each tier this time around is actually independent. You can get to the boss through either the Social, Fighting, or Energy tiers. However, you still have to mastery each job type to move on to the next level of mastery.

Aside from the job mastery rewards, I found the following items while leveling up in this tier:

Gila Monster: 36 attack, 48 defense (animal)

P0lice Riot Helmet: 30 attack, 44 defense (armor)

Rangefinder Rifle: 37 attack, 54 defense (weapon)

Performance Sports Car: 47 attack, 38 defense (vehicle)

Goldsmobile: 40 attack, 55 defense (vehicle) - actually good

Diamondback: 56 attack, 48 defense (animal) - actually good

Reinhardt and Otto: 57 attack, 36 defense (armor) - actually good


The bosses of District 6 are the Hill Brothers. They start out with quite a bit of HP (8,000 in bronze, 16,000 in silver) and it only scales up from there. Here are the rewards:

Bronze Level of Mastery: 96 attack, 119 defense
Silver: 117 attack, 138 defense
Gold: 137 attack, 155 defense
Ruby: 160 attack, 175 defense


Killing them will be the tougher part, given their massive HP total. I was able to kill them pretty easy by spending a few Godfather points and this strategy:

- Attack the Hill Brothers

- Attack until you die. You will get 2 attacks off at a minimum, one for each of your henchman.

- Go to the marketplace and purchase a Health refill. These only cost 1 Reward Point now.

- Attack the Hill Brothers again until you lose again.

- Get another health refill at the marketplace (there is no cool down to this)

...repeat until they are dead.

I was able to beat each level of mastery while spending a handful of reward points. This was a lot less frustrating than trying to collect a million stun guns over and over again.

It's not that bad at all doing it this way and you can earn all of the points you will need simply by playing your free spins each day.


And yes, I know I have not posted in a long time. I think the time has come for me to move on to other games and other projects.

My decision to stop updating this page is not about money. This blog was never about making money and was always something I did for fun. The guide I wrote did make a little bit of money (thanks to everyone who bought it), but really writing a 200 page e-book and throwing up 300+ posts on this site in the past year certainly involved much more time than whatever I made back.

The moment the game stopped being fun for me was the moment I stopped making updates. Like anyone, I only have a so much free time in the day to dedicate to gaming and I am currently digging Starcraft 2 and the upcoming FF14 and am looking to shift my attention elsewhere.

At any rate, it's been a good ride, and I want to thank all the dedicated readers who have been coming back day after day for the past several months or even year(s).

If Mafia Wars 2 ever comes out, you know where to find me! I'll be right here.

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