Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mafia Wars Jungle Crate

Mafia Wars Jungle Crate out now. This is a whole new mystery crate that you can get using reward points as they are not giftable. The chances to get rare items is 10%, uncommon items is 30% and common items 60%. The original cost was 12 RP but Mafia Wars is offering a 50% discount and it now costs 6 RP. You can get the Jungle Crate now at a 50% discount.

Items Include


Tent Peg and Hammer (40 Attack 24 Defense)
Survival Canteen (21 Attack 41 Defense)
Pack Mule (41 Attack 22 Defense)


Jungle Wasp Bow (46 Attack 23 Defense)
Survival Pack (48 Attack 25 Defense)
Waterproof Poncho (22 Attack 47 Defense)


Jungle Machete (69 Attack 32 Defense)
Silverback (36 Attack 68 Defense)

You can now also get a set of three Jungle Crates for 17 Reward Points which is a 50% on it's original price of 35 RP.

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