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Mafia Wars Challenge Mission Mumbai

In addition to taking over Las Vegas and beating the Feds, you'll be tasked with making a killing at the Bollywood Box office. Like previous Challenge Missions, Mumbai will only be around for a limited time, will be comprised if three chapters and -- to do the job -- you'll need to collect a special item, in this case Bollywood Film Reels. 

The Mumbai is now available on the travel button for limited time only..

You need to accomplish new mission in Mumbai : Make A Killing At The Box Office!

To complete the new challenge mission, you need to collect as many as “tickets” (I’m sure they meant is “Film Reels”..

First, you need to build your crew.. The background somehow still showing us the previous challenge mission in London! Nevermind…

The Chapter 1 will be unlocked 1 another 20 hours (when the screenshot were taken)..

Ok, so you need to recruit more mafia members before you are able to do the first chapter of the mission.. You can recruit manually or “buy” your crew for 9 RPs..

Now, you are able to collect free Film Reel..

What are the rewards for each chapter? Here you go :

“Your Challenge Mission is to push out a major rival to make a Bollywood blockbuster in Mumbai!

Your rival is not only a big player in the Mumbai underworld, but also an influential backer of many Bollywood films. Take over his entertainment business and you will be handsomely rewarded. The Challenge Mission has three chapters. Each has 4 jobs and drops exclusive items when a chapter is completed. A new chapter is unveiled each week. Gain access to Mumbai by collecting Bollywood Film Reels, which are found on the Challenge Mission page, the Marketplace, and through doing jobs, fighting, and robbing in other cities.”

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