Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mafia Wars Las Vegas Fight Club Tournaments

You can now battle in the fight club tournaments in Mafia Wars Las Vegas. To begin you would need to choose your weight class, then use your stamina and racks of ships to compete for the championship title. Placing your bets and winning more chips could give you the chance of becoming world champ. 

The general gist of these tournaments are that you enter against other random opponents and fight in a bracket-style fight (single elimination) in order to see who the winner is. The winner then ends up with a collection piece, some $V, experience points, and Victory tokens (can be used to purchase items in the Marketplace under the "Fight Club" tab).

You can also bet $V on players (either yourself or others), which pay out odds based on their chance of winning.

 Choose your weight class.

As far as loot goes here is a screenshot

More info coming soon. If you have additional info please use our comments section.

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