Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mafia Wars Italy

Mafia Wars Italy is out now and you can help your friends get a head start by sending them Lira. The satchel of Lira is now available for you to send for free via your free gifts page. Be sure to send out free cash to all your loyal partners in crime to help them on their way. 

With a new city also come new properties. In total there are 6 new properties to build and the last one comes in the way of a future upgrade.

There are 5 other properties which will unlock as you progress through Italy. These properties will earn you more Lira and Boosts as you upgrade them.  These properties require an additional building item to upgrade.  The unique property building items are acquired by doing specific jobs.

Building ItemPropertyJobRegion
Volcanic Bricks
VillaConnect with La FamiliaRoma
Wine Barrel
WineryBuild the WineryPalmero
Fishing Net
FisherySmuggle Goods Through a FisheryVenezia
Motor Oil
Auto BoutiqueRob a CollectorMilano
*Not listed in the document but I assume it’s Milano
Football Player
Soccer StadiumTrash a Rival Camorra StadiumNapoli
*Not listed in the document but I assume it’s Napoli

In addition to Lira, 3 properties offer powerful boosts.

Olive Oil
+150 Robbing DefenseVilla
+100 DefenseWinery
+100 AttackFishery

John Mac "The Knife" is a very popular and strong Mafia Wars player.  Here is the image of his fully upgraded Italian Village.  


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