Wednesday, August 18, 2010

FrontierVille The General Storesplosion

Frontierville The General Storesplosion ! There are some new summer items in frontierville only here for a limited time!

Frontierville General StoresplosionFrontierville General Storesplosion

In the market in specials and decorations you will find some new items “the frontierville folks have been hard at work stocking up the general store. Maybe too much ! Check out the overflow in the market !

Frontierville General StoresplosionFrontierville General Storesplosion

New items:
- sale sign : 12 horseshoes (limited edition)
- sheriff statue : 15 wood , 5000 coins (limited edition)
- lemonade stand : 25 horseshoes (limited edition)
- crates : 20 wood , 3500 coins
- fruit stand : 25 horseshoes (limited edition)
- can pyramid : 12 horseshoes
- delivery wagon : 35 horseshoes (limited edition)
- sacks : 3000 coins
- trash pile : 15 horseshoes

For the limited edition items there is currently 2 days and 3 hours left and then they’ll be gone for good!
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