Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Frontierville how to Craft a Sextant

Frontierville SextantFrontierville sextant is one of the goals in section 5 of expanding your homestead. So how do you “craft of sextant” in frontierville?

Frontierville Craft a SextantFrontierville Craft a Sextant

In section 5 you will need to get the land office built, then craft a sextant and then craft a land grant.

Crafting a sextant requires the land office to be built and when it is you click on it to go inside like you would any other building, and then you can build it for 25 wood and 3 tools and you get tools from people posting stuff on your wall (you can check how many tools you have in your inventory.
You can also unlock this for 8 horseshoes and that will just give you a sextant without having do pay for anything or even without having the land office built

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