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Thursday, August 12, 2010

FrontierVille 29x29 Homestead Expansion

FrontierVille 29x29 Homestead Expansions have arrived. You will be able to find the new expansion quest in the market with an early unlock on 7 horseshoes. If you do not have 7 horseshoes to spare you can buy them for $1, or better still if you haven't used the free Facebook credits you got. you can use your free Facebook credits to buy the 7 horseshoes and get an early lock. You can then start your 29x29 homestead expansion. So head on over now to the market place in FrontierVille and get your 29x29 expansion. There is also a minimum requirement of three neighbors. Once you get the expansion you have to go through a series of five special quests before the land is actually expanded. Will be updating what those five quests are ASAP. The last expansion available on FrontierVille was 24x24. So 29x29 is really good for players who need more space to make their homestead into the ultimate goal "A Frontier Town". 

Below is the teaser offered by FrontierVille

Howdy Pardners! Did you know that in 1803 the United States purchased the Louisiana Territory expanding the country by 828,800 square miles? With these new expansion quests I’m sure to get myself more of that untamed frontier with pristine timber and plenty of wildlife just waitin' to be refined!

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