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FrontierVille 29x29 homestead expansion goals

GOAL: Homestead Expansion Part 1
Time to Start Staking Claims

It's gettin' to be time to expand your land, but there's lots that needs to be done first. For starters, we'll be needin' wood and other supplies. Go out and get them all

1. Have 200 Wood (Fulfilling this mission will consume 200 Wood)
2. Purchase One Lumber Cart
3. Collect One Axe (Fulfilling this mission will consume the Axe too)
Tips :
Gather wood chopping trees.
Lumber Cart can be found in the market.
Axe is part of the Oak Tree collection.
ProTip: If you've previously collected 200 wood and an axe (and if you've been playing a while, it's likely you've already done this), you will only need to buy the lumbert cart in the market for 3,500 coins and 25 wood. Goalfinito.

GOAL: Homestead Expansion Part 2
- Visit Ten Neighbors
- Collect Ten Survey Authorizations (Fulfilling this mission will consume the Authorizations)
- Clear Ten Neighbor Debris
Tips :
- Debris are items such as Grass, thorns, rocks, and wildflowers
- Ask your friends to send Survey Authorizations by clicking the "Ask" button.
You can get Survey Authorizations by posting on your Facebook Wall. Only three friends can reply each time you post a Survey request, but you can also collect them from your friend feed.
GOAL: Homestead Expansion Part 3

- Get 10 Map Coordinates (Fulfilling this mission will consume the Map Coordinates)
- Chop 20 Neighbor Trees
- Craft Four Planks
Tips :
Click on "Ask" button to request Map Coordinates from neighbors
Construct Planks in Covered Wagons.
(The coordinates and planks will be deducted once you've completed this mission.)
GOAL: Homestead Expansion Part 4

- Lay Ten Stone Borders (giftable)
- Lay Six Flowerbeds (giftable)
- Place Four Log Benches

Reward : Unlocked Land Office
GOAL: Homestead Expansion Part 5

- Finish the Land Office (requires 19 whacks - 5 wood each- + 8 of each building material)
- Craft One Cartographers Tool (requires 25 wood and 3 tools)
- Craft One Land Grant (requires 100,000 gold and 15 cloth)

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