Monday, July 26, 2010

FrontierVille Win 500 Horseshoes

Here's how to win 500 horseshoes in FrontierVille. You would need to decorate your homestead with all your focus on the waters features. If your homestead is the best you can win 500 horseshoes. 

Here is the official rules and guides for the competition.

Post a screenshot of your homestead focusing on the water features and you can win 500 Horseshoes.

The winning entry will also be featured on FrontierVilles fan page! 

The Rules:

  • One entry per person.

  • You must post your entry to this thread. You may use any free image hosting website to display the picture. Guide to posting screenshots of your homesteads.

  • Your image may be cropped and resized but you may not photoshop or otherwise edit the content of your image.

  • Your entry must be of your homestead you cannot enter a friend or neighbors homestead.

  • No insulting or making negative comments about other contest entries, this will not be allowed and may result in the disqualification of your entry.

  • All entries must be posted to the forums byAugust 3rd 2010 8am PST and 11am EST

The Prize
  • 500 Horseshoes goes to the top chosen homestead.

Please be aware that Facebook images will not post here on the forums if you have specific permissions set. We recommend uploading all images to an image host such as imageshack or Jing. Please see for additional information.

Selection of Winners
  • The top 10 Homesteads will be selected by the FrontierVille team. A poll will then be created for you to vote for your favorite homestead out of the 10. The top choice will win 500 Horseshoes.

[Via FrontierVille Forums]

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