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FrontierVille how to trap groundhogs

The Groundhog trap, this post is part of the guides by FrontierVille to help you trap Groundhogs and keep them on your homestead as pets.

The Groundhogs are out in full force! Trap groundhogs with groundhog traps to find Phil and Fred, the friendly pet groundhogs! Be sure to upgrade your traps for maximum effectiveness!

**Buy the trap in the Market to generate the mission**

After you purchase the trap from the market, place it on your homestead. You can buy more than one trap for multiple areas on your homestead.

Build the trap using these items:

Now that you've built your trap you will be able to move it around your homestead. Click on the trap to bring up a menu of options. 

*Selecting "What is this?" will bring up the following box that will provide information on the trap.

*Selecting "Arm Trap" will arm the trap with the carrot and open it up for the next groundhog that comes close. Do not arm your trap after you see a groundhog, the trap will not work for that varmint. Once armed you cannot move your trap.

*When selecting upgrade you will get a menu of a Groundhog Crew that you can staff by asking your friends.

*Clicking on "View Perimeter" will highlight the area that the trap will cover. You can view the perimeter before you arm your trap and move your trap if necessary.

Upgraded Perimeter: Upgrading your trap will maximize your coverage to an 8 tile radius.

Now you are ready to catch some groundhogs! Arm the trap BEFORE you harvest. If you don't arm before you get a groundhog, you won't be able to trap that one, and you'll have to clobber it. Now that your trap is armed and ready, you won't be able to move it so make sure your crops are nearby so you can catch a groundhog. You will need to re-arm your trap each time you want to trap another groundhog.

Once a groundhog is trapped you may be rewarded with one of 2 pet groundhogs. You can choose to keep Frontier Phil and Frontier Fred or share it with your friends!


Tips for successful trapping:

  • Upgrade your trap to cover an 8 tile radius

  • Move your trap around BEFORE you arm it closest to harvest areas

  • Place multiple traps for best coverage

  • You can move your crops closer to the trap at anytime

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