Saturday, August 21, 2010

FarmTown latest updates 15 New LEVELS, about 50 new items all in coins

FarmTown has announced all new updates for the game. The top level has now been increased to 115. There are also 50 new items available for coins only, which is a good thing if you want new decorations and items for your Farm.

- 15 New LEVELS (top level now is 115), about 50 new items all in coins
- Manure Spreader Tool allows you to fertilize your farms (in one click) and get 2 boxes instead of 1 when harvesting
- Flower Harvester Tool allows you to harvest up to 32 flowers at a time
- Big Bulldozer tool to delete 4 harvested or wasted fields at a time
- Sorting items in the Store by Level, Name, Cost and Harvest Time (top-right icon)
- Keep selected tool when changing farms, this will often save you having to move the tools between farms
- 'Switch View' menu option for alternate versions of the Juice Factory, Sandwich Restaurant and Oil Factory

Other Past Updates:

- Up to 5 farms now available for you to farm and decorate without space contrains
- Fishing Boat and Net, allow you to fish up to 9 fish at a time
- Fishing is now much easier on most water items even without a boat
- Almond Trees, Oats, Barley, Hops, Lot of new Paths and Grounds for your farm
- 'Switch View' option for alternates versions of the Snack Factory and the Food Preserve
- More products to make in your factories like Honey Ice Cream, Lemon Juice, Sunflower Seeds, Sunflower Wreath, Peanut Butter, Pumpkin Pie, Supreme Pizza
- New factories like Cereal Factory, Bee Farm, Oast and Malt House, Brewery, Coffee Grinder, Fish Farming Plant, Sushi Restaurant, Seafood Restaurant, Sawmill, Cinnamon Factory, Tea Factory, Coffee and Tea Shop
- Axe tool to chop Pine, Oak, Bamboo and Cinnamon trees and build furnitures later
- Product filters in storage and market windows to make selling much easier
- Transfer your animals between your farms or into buildings. Storage limit per-building increased from 50 to 100 animals
- Gift Trading, when you receive a gift, if you don't like it, the Mayor will offer you to exchange it for another gift you like better
- 'Buy One' and 'Buy Multiple' options when you click on items in your farm, this will save you going to the store everytime

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