Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How to view your Facebook profile as others see it

Well many people like to know how their Facebook public profile would look. How does your Facebook profile appear to others and what is it that is visible when someone searches from you on Google or Yahoo or Bing. Firstly it is safe to say that only options that you have chosen to be visible on your Facebook public profile will be shown on your profile. So, once you check your public profile and would not want some information to be visible on your public profile. it would be good for you to go back and change your privacy settings.

So to see how your Facebook profile appears to others you can open Google and type your name as it appears in your Facebook profile and after your name type Facebook. This will bring up your public profile and probably a few others who have the same name.

You can then click on your name to see how your Facebook profile appears on the internet. You can repeat the same thing on other search engines if you are curious enough.

If there are things you see that you do not want to appear on your public Facebook profile you can always go back to privacy settings and adjust accordingly.

Alernately you can also type to see how your profile appears to others when they search and find you online.

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