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Facebook Instant Personalization: How it works and how to opt out, turn off or disable

Facebook Instant Personalization is an initiative by Facebook and other select partners. Basically ensuring that when you reach these partner sites the experience is immediately tailored to your likes and dislikes. The way these sites are able to do this is by using your publicly available information on Facebook and adjusting everything on the site to what you like and your expected behavior. It also brings your friends with you when you arrive.

Facebook Instant Personalization: How it works
when you arrive on a select partner website you will be told that this site has been persnolized for you, using your Facebook profile. You can either turn-off instant personalization or continue to use the site with it on. The whole purpose is to provide you with a more personalized experience while browsing these Facebook partner websites.

A list of websites using instant personalization

Bing - Social Search
Pandora - Personalized Music
TripAdvisor - Social Travel
Yelp - Friends' Local Reviews
Rotten Tomatoes - Friends' Movie Reviews
Clicker - Personalized TV Recommendations
Scribd - Social Reading
Docs - Document Collaboration
Zynga - Social Games (Indiana Jones Adventure World, Zynga Slingo)
Kixeye - Social Games (Battle Pirates, War Commander)

How do I turn-off stop, disable or opt out of instant personalization.
1. Login to  Facebook
2. Click on home and then privacy settings
3. Beside Ads, Apps and Websites click on edit settings
4. Beside instant persolization click on edit settings
5. Uncheck the box beside Enable instant personalization on partner websites.
6. You're done

This will stop all apps using social from sharing your information across their sites and on your Timeline. 

If you want the visuals please check the video below.

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