Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How to know if you've been blocked on Facebook

A block on Facebook is something that is quiet good and once you block someone or you are blocked by someone, you cannot view each other on Facebook. The only exception being that if both of you belong to third party apps like games on Facebook. If you want to know what happens when you block someone on Facebook please read our other post about it here. This post will deal with how to know if you have been blocked on Facebook.

How to know if you've been blocked on Facebook
How to know if you've been blocked on Facebook
When you login to Facebook and search for that person:
1. Their name does not automatically appear in the search bar
2. Even if you type their full name it does not appear in Facebook's search bar
3. When you go to your list of friends' their name does not appear
4. You cannot find then while search through mutual friends' lists
5. If you have simply been unfriended you can still find them on mutual friends lists
6. Comments by them on other friends profile appear as a blank and not a clickable link also their profile pic is now a question mark. This also happens on your Timeline

This should give you a fair idea about what happens when someone blocks you or when you block someone. So if this happens to you, you should know that you have been blocked by someone, Ex or a friend. A block on Facebook is a complete block and there is no way to contact each other. Searching for them on Facebook will draw a blank. This way a Facebook block is very effective and once a block is removed everything will return to normal. Note: If you block someone and then decide to unblock them - you will need to add them as a friend again. Because blocking automatically unfriends people on Facebook.

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