Thursday, June 14, 2012

Difference between friend and subscribe on Facebook

What is the difference between friend and subscribe on Facebook. If you want to add a subscribe button to your Facebook profile please check our guide available here. So people must first opt-in to sport the subscribe button on their profile. Now there are key differences between adding someone as a friend and subscribing to someone. Facebook has a policy of only adding people you know as a friend. If you do not know that person then it is best to subscribe to follow what they might publicly post on Facebook. This works best for people who have a huge following like celebrities and famous personalities. Facebook also restricts the number of friends you can have to 5000. Anyway the difference between adding as friend and subscribing is this:

1. When you subscribe
You can only see posts that the person shares publicly. You do not have access to other information of that person. you cannot see their friends and photos and videos that they don't share publicly on Facebook. You can however choose to reply with a comment to their posts and also use the like button. Unless of course if they have chosen to make their photos and videos public.

2. When you add as friend
You have full access to this person's Timeline. You can view their photos and videos and their friends list and everything else. This is for people who are your friends. If there are photos and videos that you cannot view it is because they have chosen to share this with only a select group of people.

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