Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Update to Chrome 17 to enjoy faster web browsing and added security

This is really happening fast two months after the release of Chrome 16 comes the release of Chrome 17, just a month after being launched in Beta and a day after the launch of Chrome for Android. There are actually two features that Google says is what makes the latest version a must have for faster, quicker and safer browsing. The way Chrome 17 loads faster is through something called 'Prerendering' what this means simply is that as you are typing an address in the omnibox, chrome will start actually loading pages for the site you are about to visit and so when you click enter it will seem as though the site is there already. This will make it look like the page or website has loaded instantly. Reducing the time from the moment you click enter and the time it takes to open the website. 

The second feature is the added security. Google explains this in very simply terms - they have a whitelist based on files that are know to come from various publishers across the internet. So if you are about to download a .exe or .msi file; there are executable files, Chrome will check the history of known publishers and help save your system by warning of an potentially dangerous download. This is based on known issues from publishers across the web. Chrome can also warn you of Phishing attacks and harmful download based on its vast knowledge-base. You will get a huge red page that helps you get back to safety.

How to download Chrome 17
1. From your Chrome Browser click on the wrench icon
2. Click on 'About Google Chrome'
3. It should start updating instantly or you can click on update now
If you do not have Chrome installed you can download it right now
Source: Chrome Blog, if you want the tech aspects you can go here.

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