Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Use Remindo to help you remember tasks, birthdays, anniversaries, to-do's etc

Remindo is another free web app that gives you a gently reminder every-time you need to get something done. The service lets you setup and create reminders for any conceivable thing you need reminding about. So if you are looking to get your work-life in balance and complete all goals on time. You can set up a reminder and ensure you get either email reminders of the tasks that need to be completed or get a text-message on your phone. This helps you stay focused and complete and stick to your goals. If you are a freelancer you can use the service to make sure you don't forget appointments. If you're a student use the service to make sure you're sticking to your schedules and assignments. The app however is not only for serious things like work and professional life. Use it to make sure you don't forget your anniversary and partner's birthday. You can also use it to keep a list of things you would like to remember like recipes or driving directions or anything else you would like to always have available.

How Remindo works: 
1. Signup for a free account
2. Set-up your reminders, you can do so on the website or send in what you want to be reminded about via email, Facebook or phone
3. Set your reminder timings - one-off, multiply reminders or timed reminders. You can send yourself unlimited reminders you can also send your pals reminders.
4. Hope you reach your tasks and goals with all the reminders
5. You're done. 

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