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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

CircleMe adds concerts near you feature

CircelMe the social networking site for people to discover new places and recommendations from fellow CircleMe users -- has an announcement to make. Through the private API of Songkick, Circleme users will now be able to keep updated of concerts by their favorite musicians happening around them. With this new recommendation service CircelMe gives users the chance to view concerts happening near them also book tickets and add value to the social media site. Stamped the social network that worked on the principle of people stamping things and places they liked -- CircleMe's known competitor, has been acquired by Yahoo and should be Sunsetted by the end of this year. This leaves CircleMe as the only place for people to collect things and be updated about them.
The Killers band page on circlemeSo you can find your favorite bands on CircleMe, like them and be updated on all their activity and what other users are also saying about them. This is a definite + for those who like to follow their bands and also interact with other users who have similar tastes in music. Simply checking out your favorite band pages on CircleMe will give you a list of their concerts that could be taking place at a destination near you.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

CircleMe gets 'Plant Guides' to help you discover more

CircleMe the iPhone app people use to plant virtual plants in locations they like now gets an added feature 'Plant Guides'. The way to plant on the app is that once you find something you link you can leave a virtual plant for other users to find and water. By water we mean add stuff to and help it grow. So users can plant a movie, a song, an actor whatever you can think of. These plants are left with messages that other users can then pickup and enjoy. So when you go to a new place you can check out all the plants and see what other people are saying about them and other fascinating facts left by other users. This ability to geo-tag locations and share with everyone or only people form your trusted network is an opportunity to discover new places whenever you walk by.

Plant Guides - the newest feature from the app are plant guides provided by select partners. These selected partners will curate and display plant guides that are really interesting and worth discovering. The first partnership is with Cibando  - The Cibando Plant Guide. Offering plant guides to the tastiest places to eat in Italy. So if you're roaming around in Italy and not sure where to have lunch, check out this plant guide. There are two other partners that offer plant guides - 1. The Art-masterpieces Collection and 2. The Boutique Plant Guide. The former offering the most famous works of art to be found around the world and the latter a guide to some of the most famous boutiques around the world.

How to find 'Plant Guides' in CircleMe's iPhone app.
1. From the menu button navigate to 'Brand new plants page'.
2. beside 'Near You' it the 'Plants Guides button' - click it to see the three new guides.

CircleMe for iPhone and iPad. Check out their blog to learn more.

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