Thursday, September 27, 2012

How to send Facebook Gifts

So after all the things people have been able to do on Facebook, there is now one more addition. The ability to send real physical gifts to your friends, family and lovers on Facebook. Facebook today announced their new gift services and it is slowly being rolled out to all users. If you do not have the ability to send physical gifts give it a few days and you should get the options on your friends news feeds' or Timelines and birthday reminder on your News Feed. These are gifts you can send that your pals can get at their address and unwrap the gift you send and add some meaning to the relationship. We are sure that many people are going to have fun with this new gifting service and make the most of it. 

How to send a Facebook Gift.
1. Login to Facebook
2. Go to your friends' Timeline or profile and in the status bar where you would normal type a message, you should find a gift icon.
3. Click on it choose your gift, go through the payment steps.
4. Your friend will be notified and they will have to fill in the shipping address. If they don't like your gift they can exchange it for another gift with similar value.
5. Your friend waits for gift opens it and is very happy.

Do I have to pay as soon as i purchase a gift?
You do not need to pay until your friend excepts the gift

Is there a place on Facebook where I can learn more about gifts
The gifts section has a home on Facebook and can be found a Facebook.com/gifts

Where do I find the gifts tab on Facebook

You can find it on your friends Timeline or on the Birthday reminders on your News Feed.
Source: Facebook News

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