Thursday, September 27, 2012

Chrome: How To View Passwords Hidden Behind Asterisks

If you use Google Chrome and you save you login IDs and Passwords using Google Chrome you can see what those secret characters actually are. You might have been using many passwords and therefore have become reliant on the login manager in Google Chrome. Sometimes however you are asked to login again and you want to remember what the original password is but cannot remember. There is a simple way to view those characters hidden behind the asterisks. You need to have stored this password and login information in Chrome for it to work.

View your hidden passwords in Google Chrome

1. Click on the wrench icon in Chrome

2. Choose settings

3. Then advanced settings

4. Scroll down to passwords and forms

5. Click on manage saved passwords

6. Click on the password (Hidden as asterisk characters) and a blue 'Show' button pops-up

7. Click on it and you can now see your hidden password.

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