Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What is Pheed and how does it work

Pheed has in a short while become one of the most popular Apps at the iTunes store. It is totally free to download and use and quickly risen to becoming one of the most popular apps being downloaded. Many uses on Twitter and other social networking sites are already claiming that it's the next big thing. Paris Hilton has also joined Pheed and has already Tweeted congratulating them for becoming the No 1. App in the world. So what's all the fuss about - there are many features that make Pheed a wonderful and powerful App and let us try to break it down for you here.

Pheed - how does it workWhat is Pheed?
Pheed is a social networking App now available at the app store and coming soon to the Google Play store for all you Android users. Once you setup your Pheed people can follow you and you can follow people. Something all Social Networking site users are familiar with

What can I do once I setup and create me Pheed
It gives you a chance to express yourself. As a user you can create and share texts, photos, videos, audio tracks, voice notes and live broadcasts. If you are an artist and would like to share your music or videos with users. You can setup your account to charge a premium for users to download and listen to your creations. This gives musicians a chance to release their music first to the world on Pheed.
How do I promote my posts on Pheed
If you are familiar with Twitter and Google+ - you know what a hashtag is. So you can setup hashtags that match your content. Like #MyNewPheed #MyPhotoPheed etc. You can also tag other people using the @Mentions - kind of like Facebook. In fact Pheed is a little like all the other sites out there. So you get to see features from sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and SoundCloud. You get the whole experience.

Can I join on the web?
Yes - go to pheed.com and click the Sign up button. As simple as that.

What about privacy
All your content remains yours. Pheed does not claim any right to your cntent. You choose to share whatever you want and delete it whenever you want.

How long can my text updates be?
Kind of like Twitter but you have 420 characters to use.

This is one app that is great for networking and uses will simply not be able to ignore it for too long. The options you have to share are huge and the types af options are great. You can also add a copyright to your Pheeds by clicking a simple button before posting your status updates.

Join Pheed now and see for yourself.

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