Tuesday, February 19, 2013

List of best sites to make a Meme

Any ordinary event in life is now being made into a meme. Thanks to the creative people who hang around site like Reddit. If you are new to the whole business and would like to make or create a meme of your own. We have a list of the most popular sites being used by people to generate their own memes. All of these sites already have the preloaded macro image of the original. All you need to do is to add your captions - once done you Meme is ready and you can then share it on sites like Twitter, Facebook and Reddit. This list is in no particular order and all you need to do is to visit the website and start creating your meme.

How to generate and create a meme1. Quickmeme.com - On Quickmeme, all image macros are already loaded - simply click on make a meme to get started. Choose your image and add your creative captions and then share.

2. Troll.me - this websites has all memes loaded on the front page, scroll through and choose the meme image you want to use. Click on the image you want to use, and on the right you have the ability to create your new meme.

3. Memebase.com - brought to you by the 'I can haz Cheezeburger' people. To get started click on the 'Create' button found on the top right hand corner.

4. weknowmemes.com - a very popular site among people who like creating their daily meme. Click on create meme and you can start creating your meme.

5. Diylol.com This is a Do it yourself LOL - what more do you need. One of the easiest sites to use. Your meme images are on the front page - click on one and get going.

6. Truegif.com - Memes have come a long way and animated GIF Memes add more sass. Click on Animated GIF generator to get started - choose your style upload you file and you're good to go. Very easy to create an animated GIF image into a meme.

7. Google+ - you can also use Google+ to generate a meme but you need to have the image with you as images are not provided.

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