Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How to search for a job at Facebook

Facebook has offices all over the world, be it in Dubai, Paris, India, Singapore or Australia to name a few. They are also very with keeping their careers page updated. Old jobs re removed and new ones are added. There is always some hiring happening at Facebook. Visiting their 'Careers at Facebook' page you can browse through all the openings around the globe and apple for one that best suits your skill-sets. So if you want to explore the opportunity at landing a job at Facebook and working in one of their cool offices around the globe this is how to do it.

How to apply for a job at FacebookHow to find a job and apply for a job at Facebook. Facebook careers are great
1. you would first need to go to their Careers Page
2. Beside their job search descriptions box - choose the drop-down beside the globe icon
3. Now choose the location nearest you and click on the 'magnifying glass icon'
4. You should now see all the openings at that particular location or spot.

If a particular jobs suits your job role and experience - give it a shot and see if you do land yourself a job at Facebook.

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