Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hotmail Shifting to Outlook: Will you loose your Hotmail ID

Outlook.com from Microsoft have announced that they have finally removed 'Customer Preview' from the service and the transition has begun. In just six months Outlook mail says that they have amassed over 60 million new email subscribers and users. Hot,mail.com was old and outdated and no matter what Microsoft tried the service could not be resurrected. Outlook.com seemed the answers and Microsoft built a whole new web interface and launched it to the public. Outlook.com comes with a slicker user interface and functionality that is second to none. Could possibly give Gmail a run for the money. For those of you who still cling to your Hotmail account - there is no bad news.

Hotmail users now redirected to Outlook.comYou can still keep your Hotmail account, however when you type Hotmail.com. You will get redirected to the new Outlook.com - don't worry and wonder where your Hotmail has gone to. it has just changed. Some users are sure to be worried, wondering what happened to Hotmail.com and why can't I reach it. You can login to Outlook.com with your Hotmail Email ID and password. You will be encouraged however to create a new Outlook address. The Outlook Inbox is really trendy and when you first login, you will be sure to see the difference and feel the change. So don't worry about your Hotmail.com address it is safe - all you got to do is login through Outllook.com

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