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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Google Chat comes to Outlook and SkyDrive

Well, this is not something the internet thought they'd hear. Microsoft integrates a Google service right within their email service, and also on their Cloud based storage service - SkyDrive. In this surprise move, Microsoft says that this has been a popular requested feature from its users. You might remember that a while back Microsoft converted all Hotmail accounts into Outlook and all email is now handled only on Outlook. Outlook is quite amazing with a whole new interface and all. With the addition of Google Talk Microsoft seems to e opening up to their users needs, and also accepting that other services have indeed become useful and some users' can't live without.

Chat with your Google pals in Outlook.comHow to chat with Google Contacts in Outlook
It should be available this week - this is how it'll work. You open your Messaging Pane in Outlook. Found on the top-right-hand corner and you should see a message asking if you'd like to connect your Google account. Choose to do so and it should happen seamlessly. Allow Microsoft to access your Google account and all your contacts are added. You can then use or SkyDrive and continue chatting with all your Google Pals. Clicking on a friends pic will bring up the chat box. This whole roll-out, should be completed this week and Outlook users' can use Google Talk from within their email.

The whole effort is being made to encourage people to come to and try it out. Microsoft seems to be stopping at nothing to attract more uses to Outlook. The service is actually quite good, but whether users will migrate to it en-mass is left to be seem. Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Microsoft Blog

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hotmail Shifting to Outlook: Will you loose your Hotmail ID from Microsoft have announced that they have finally removed 'Customer Preview' from the service and the transition has begun. In just six months Outlook mail says that they have amassed over 60 million new email subscribers and users. Hot, was old and outdated and no matter what Microsoft tried the service could not be resurrected. seemed the answers and Microsoft built a whole new web interface and launched it to the public. comes with a slicker user interface and functionality that is second to none. Could possibly give Gmail a run for the money. For those of you who still cling to your Hotmail account - there is no bad news.

Hotmail users now redirected to Outlook.comYou can still keep your Hotmail account, however when you type You will get redirected to the new - don't worry and wonder where your Hotmail has gone to. it has just changed. Some users are sure to be worried, wondering what happened to and why can't I reach it. You can login to with your Hotmail Email ID and password. You will be encouraged however to create a new Outlook address. The Outlook Inbox is really trendy and when you first login, you will be sure to see the difference and feel the change. So don't worry about your address it is safe - all you got to do is login through

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What is single-use code in single-use sign in code has been launched by Microsoft with a view to convert all email services by the company into one place only. So your and Hotmail email addresses will be converted into the new email service. You can lean more about it here as we have already written about it. The new account is being called 'Microsoft Account', so when you sign-up for an email ID it will be called your Microsoft Account. Once you get your new email ID you have an added feature that comes along. The ability to use single-use code.

What is Single-use code?
Single-use code is the ability to sing-in to your Microsoft account with a piece of code rather than your password. You might be wondering what is the good - consider you're travelling and need to use a public computer like in an airport or library. You can request for a single-use code which will be delivered to your phone. You can use that code to log-in and it expires after a single use.

How to request a single-use code?
1. Go to and click on sign in with single-use code
2. You will need to enter your mobile number from the link that opens. You can also choose to use the mobile number already associated with your account.
3. Your single-use code arrives via sms

Note: Each code can be used only once. There are also only a certain number of times you can request a code each day. SMS delivery subject to network speed. This application is intended to be used better help protect your Microsoft Account and your privacy.

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

How to connect your Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Flickr to is the new Hotmail and the team have been leaving no stone upturned to get on with it. They have done an AMA on Reddit which we have already covered here. There is a lot of news on the internet regarding the service and it seems they have learned a lot of lessons from other services and launched this new email App which works amazingly. They did however make of ads in Gmail when you login to however they also have ads on the right sidebar. 

If you have decided to try the service one of the things you notice is that you can connect you Social Networks to the service and get everything you love in one place. seeks to work like a one-stop-social-network-shop, used the word shop there to use the age-old adage in a fun way. Anyways   once you login to you can easily connect your Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Flickr accounts to the service. Once connected you get all your favorite social networks in one place and you can start interacting from right within

How to add or connect social networks to
1. Login to
2. Click on the upside down smiley face on the top-right-hand corner

3. At the bottom you see 'Add' click on that

4. Now select the service you want to add - go through the authentication steps. 

5. You're done

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Sociolatte is the new Hotmail - 3 questions answered by the team

The guys from the Microsoft who created and brought it to the web took to Reddit to answer questions from users. Hotmail will be fading away and in its place is The team wants to become the popular destination on the web for people who want to use email service. The proposition is a tough one since many people who still keep a Hotmail ID do so only as a secondary one, most have switched to Gmail. There is also an outlook preview if you are interested. The argument that the team tries to make is that all other email services have not become old - Gmail they say is now 8 years old and it's time for something new. There is also a Outlook preview to learn more. 

Please find below some of the features that the Outlook team have highlighted

have a modern, fast UI
be connected to your networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, and soon, Skype)
have smart tools to manage and filter messages
prioritize your privacy (we don't serve ads based on the contents of your email)

These are three questions that the team answered on their main write-up on Reddit
1. Why to switch from Gmail
They have said that Gmail is now 8 years old and something new is needed. They highlight that is directly connected with Facebook and Twitter has a cleaner UI, and as a afterthought - Outlook does not scan your emails to show you Ads. That was a direct hit at Google's Gmail service which shows ads based on users interests. 
2. How to switch from Gmail to Outlook
If you are interested and would like to try the new Outlook with your Gmail contacts. Complete instructions are available here. Once your done with your preview you can always switch back.
3. How to rename a current Windows Live or Hotmail account:
You can upgrade your Windows live account to the new Outlook service and detailed instructions can be found here

Please leave feedback in the comments section below with what you think. Will the service takeoff - it just might because Outlook is so popular in the corporate world and Outlook is synonymous with email. you can read the complete IAMA on Reddit here

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Friday, December 30, 2011

CodeTwo Move & Delete Watchdog: Will warm you before you delete or move a file or folder in Outlook

This is Microsoft Outlook App and works within Outlook only. Therefore it cannot be used as a stand alone app. Once you launch Outlook the app is activated and starts to keep a watchful eye whenever you want to delete a file or a folder. It also warns you before you delete a file or folder. This app can be of great help not only to novices who are just starting out with Outlook for for seasoned professionals as well.

How does Code Two Move & Delete Watchdog work.

Images: CodeTwo Watchdog

The way this whole thing is set up is very simple. Each time you drag-and-drop a folder and file you will get s popup asking you to confirm your action. This is helpful because it makes you stop and think about your action and maybe review it. This might be one of those times where you were actually going to drag-and-drop a folder in the wrong place. The same thing happens when you click on delete a file or a folder. The watchdog pops up to tell you that you are about to delete a certain file or a folder. This therefore helps you and saves you a lot of trouble and effort especially when you were about to delete a file or folder that you had previously though to be unimportant. which as it turns out was one that you would have rather have not deleted. Especially important is you have access to public folders.
CodeTwo Move & Delete Watchdog

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