Tuesday, May 7, 2013

YouTubeTrends Map shows you popular videos across different demographics

YouTube has introduced the latest way to see popular videos trending in various places. For now YouTube Trends map is available only across the US, with other regions coming soon. Trends map on YouTube will let you see what videos are popular where. In addition you can also see what videos are popular with teens and what videos are popular with older people. There is also the ability to see which videos are trending with male and female viewers. You will be presently surprised to note that the same videos are not popular with male and female viewers.

YouTube Trends MapYouTube trends map is a result from feedback YouTube received from the YouTube Trends Dashboard. Trends Dashboard is the place you go to when you want to find out which videos are popular and trending across the world. With Trends Dashboard you can select a country and see the most popular and trending videos over there. With Trends map it's taken to a whole new level and broken down by demographics and different locations across the country. So the next time you want to find out what's trending on YouTube - trends map will be the place for you to go. Check out trends map now and let us know your reaction in the comments section below.

Check out YouTube Trends Map here and YouTube Dashboard Here.

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