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Monday, May 13, 2013

Bing Tags How do they work

Bing has something new which has come with this Facebook integration - Bing Tags. Once you login to Bing with your Facebook account and do a self-search. That is earch for your name on Bing. You get your Facebook profile and the ability to tag other pages with your name. You can also tag yourself with other people on Bing. Essentially it is like a small social network that contains all your pages, blogs and websites in one place. So when your Facebook profile comes up in a Bing search you can in addition add or tag your linkedIn profile, Twitter and other social profiles' of yours. This way they say other people searching for you on Bing can be very sure that it's you, they're looking for.

You can also tag your friends and vice versa. So when you're busy adding tags a list of your Facebook friends show up on the right, from here you can choose to tag them and they can do the same to you. Once a friend has tagged you - you will get a notification on your Bing page under the 'Review Tags' section. From here you can choose to either accept or reject tags. Once you find a page you want to tag - simply click the tag me button under the page. You can also untag by clicking on the 'Untag me' button.

Bing TagsWhat are Bing Tags and how does it work
1. Once you tag your pages under your name. Then people searching for you find the real you and the results are not bunched together with other people who share the same name.
2. This feature will only be available to you and your Facebook friends.
3. If you don't want these tags posted to your Facebook Timeline - when giving the app permission use the 'Only Me' option.

Read more about Bing Tags here or Get started here.

Friday, May 10, 2013

How to connect Bing and Facebook for better social results

Bing have made a huge announcement, when searching using Bing. You can now see relevant results from your Facebook friends. This is something called social sidebar. This was first launched just over a year ago and is now going pretty strong. So now when you search on Bing you can get results that match your search query from your friends. So if your looking to go to an upcoming concert in your area. You can now see if your friends have posted anything about the concert. This way you can like their status and also send them a message. You don't have to logout of Bing to do this. Simply connect your Facebook with Bing and you're all set to go.

Facebook results in bingAfter you search for something on Bing, you can then add a comment to Facebook, read other people's comments, like a status and even start a threaded conversation without leaving Bing. The Facebook integration has now gone considerably deep and Bing is hoping to attract more users with the new social integration. Microsoft has not really gained much in the search market and here is another attempt to do just that. With deeper social integration with Facebook - Bing wants users to interact more right there and not have to leave and go to Facebook. So now you have the full Facebook experience right within Bing. Please leave a comment with what you have to say about this new feature.

How to connect your Bing and Facebook
1. Go to Bing.
2. On the top right-hand corner click on Sign in
3. Choose Facebook and click connect.
4. Allow Bing to connect to your Facebook account and you're done.

Source: Bing Official Blog.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Use a Million Short search engine to see results with the top million removed

Million Short is a search engine with a difference you can enter your search query and then discover results with the top million removed. Now, how is this significant you might want to ask. For starters, it lets you discover and view results that you might otherwise never have known existed. Also a lot of the spammy pages usually found on the top of search engine results are not found. What you are left with are results that belong way down the line and can be kind of fun. It is also good for research giving you insights into results and pages that you would not normally have come across. You know when you type a query into Google, Bing or Yahoo you always see results from sites like Wikipedia, with this search engine you are not going to see results from these sites. What you get is the whole other perspective.

Million Short: How does it work
You simple go to the search engine and type in your query. Once you do that and hit enter you are served up you results with short of the top million usual results. You can then decide how short you want your results. You can then also decide how short by - answers you want to receive. Short by 100k results, 10k results, thousands from results and 100 from results. If you decide you want normal results without cutting anything short from the drop-down below remove from top, you can select don't remove any sites. Selecting this option will bring you results that are normal. Anyways' once you search with the top million removed you can results and a list of the sites that have been removed will appear on the right-hand column.  if you would like to continue search with your favorite sites included, click on manager settings and add 'My included sites' or 'My excluded sites'. You can also choose your adult filter to low medium or high. This web app can be quiet good fun and you need to give it a twirl. You can also add million short to your web browser. So have fun and let us know your feedback in the comments section below.
Million Short

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Video: The Yahoo! & Microsoft Search Alliance

This video explains how Yahoo! & Microsoft are working towards an easier way to advertise on Yahoo! Search & Bing through Microsoft adCenter. Microsoft Adcenter will now be handling the Yahoo Search and Bing Advertising together. Advertisers who want to show their ads on either of the sites now have the convenience of advertising on both search engines from one place. 

Google started this trend of making cute and friendly animated videos to explain their products to customers. yahoo and Bing have joined together to do the same thing. 

The video explains this alliance and how it's going to help it's customers who actually find search engines - Advertisers.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yahoo Begins testing with Microsoft Bing

Yahoo has begun testing algorithmic and paid search listings from Microsoft. 25 percent of users from the US will now be able to see these new search results live. The deal between Microsoft and Yahoo has got the go ahead and now users can see search results from Bing being integrated within Yahoo search results. Paid listings will also appear alongside search results. 

The paid listings that are coming from the Microsoft platform look a lot like Google Adwords. In that they are text based sponsored listings. The deal between the two large internet companies, Yahoo and Bing will now take shape and users in the US first will see the new results before it is rolled out to the rest of the world. 

Yahoo mobile search fans in the US and Canada will start to see these results as well across their mobile platforms which would include algorithmic as well as paid search listings. Bing will in the coming months become more prominent on Yahoo search. Check out the image below to see how the new search results might appear.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How to search for Music, Movies and Games on Bing

Bing has just launched a new vertical 'Entertainment'.  Using this new search arm of Bing you can now search for Music, Movies, TV Shows, Games and Video Games. Both PC and Console games. Bing has now got all the entertainment in one place. 

All this would not be possible without partners and Bing has quiet a few of them. TMS, Dailymotion, Zune, MSN Movies, IGN, G4TV. To Name a few, results are also pulled up from iTunes.

This represents a new push for Bing direct into the entertainment arena. The thing is it had to be done through a separate channel.

To access and search bing now please go to

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Microsoft sued over 'Bing!' name

Bing! Information Designs LLC. A small computer firm based in the Midwest had decided to sue the OS giant Microsoft. Over you guessed it the name Bing. They say the name 

Bing! alleges trademark infringement as well as unfair competition, claiming "Microsoft's use of the name dilutes the value of it and confuses the public about the companies' relationship to each other." The design company has used the name since 2000 and has pending application for registration of the mark. 

Bing!, yes the exclimation mark is a part of their name has been around since 2000 and is awaiting it's awaiting it's Bing! trademark. Yes the company has not yet received it's trademark rights and certificates.

“We believe this suit to be without merit and we do not believe there is any confusion in the marketplace with regard to the complainant’s offerings and Microsoft’s Bing,” said Microsoft spokesman Kevin Kutz.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Google increases in US Internet Search

Google's share of the search market in the US rose by 1.4% in November. According to researcher Hitwise. Which brings Google's share to 71.6% overall. Which in turn sees a decline in Bing and Yahoo. Which clearly goes to show that the recent aggressive nature of the search engine from Microsoft "Bing" did not really do any damage to Google.

"In a report released Wednesday, Hitwise has Google on top and Yahoo and Bing in distant second and third places, respectively. Whereas Yahoo commanded a 16.1 percent search share for October, but declined to 15.4 percent in November. Microsoft and Bing had a smaller decline -- 9.6 percent in October to 9.3 percent in November -- but a decline nonetheless. 

Hitwise also went on to say that one word search queries were still the biggest contributing to 24% of over all searches.  Searches of 8 or more words increased by one percent. Which searches with 5 to 8 words in length remained steady. 

It is significant to note that both Google and Microsoft have announces real-time search. Which only goes to prove how important social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are becoming in their ability to spread news and stories in real-time. Search engines could not ignore this and have started to display updated results from both Twitter and Facebook.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bing now features updated maps and Twitter feed.

bing: Connecting people, places and things. This is the Title of the new Bing blog with the latest announcements. Microsoft has announced that it has further tweaked its search engine Bing. The new features include maps that are located at street level as in Google Maps. You can also move about in different directions to get a better view of the locality. To Access the Bing Maps Beta click here.

There will also be a Twitter feed available for you to find out the latest happenings on the are your searching.

Bing could gain market share once they complete their search and advertising deal with Yahoo. Which will power back-end searches on Yahoo pages.

Found on pcmag a cool new visual tour. Go there if you would like to see early visual of the new features.

They would however need to tweak the photo and Twitter integration to make it more meaningful. Bing continues to take the fight to Google.

One particularly clever app is Photosynth, a photo-management tool from Microsoft that stitches together digital images to create "synths"-- 3-D renderings of multiple photos of the same scene. Bing users can rotate and view the synths from many angles. The more photos supplied by Bing users, the better the 3D effect:

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