Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Google increases in US Internet Search

Google's share of the search market in the US rose by 1.4% in November. According to researcher Hitwise. Which brings Google's share to 71.6% overall. Which in turn sees a decline in Bing and Yahoo. Which clearly goes to show that the recent aggressive nature of the search engine from Microsoft "Bing" did not really do any damage to Google.

"In a report released Wednesday, Hitwise has Google on top and Yahoo and Bing in distant second and third places, respectively. Whereas Yahoo commanded a 16.1 percent search share for October, but declined to 15.4 percent in November. Microsoft and Bing had a smaller decline -- 9.6 percent in October to 9.3 percent in November -- but a decline nonetheless. 

Hitwise also went on to say that one word search queries were still the biggest contributing to 24% of over all searches.  Searches of 8 or more words increased by one percent. Which searches with 5 to 8 words in length remained steady. 

It is significant to note that both Google and Microsoft have announces real-time search. Which only goes to prove how important social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are becoming in their ability to spread news and stories in real-time. Search engines could not ignore this and have started to display updated results from both Twitter and Facebook.

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