Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Use a Million Short search engine to see results with the top million removed

Million Short is a search engine with a difference you can enter your search query and then discover results with the top million removed. Now, how is this significant you might want to ask. For starters, it lets you discover and view results that you might otherwise never have known existed. Also a lot of the spammy pages usually found on the top of search engine results are not found. What you are left with are results that belong way down the line and can be kind of fun. It is also good for research giving you insights into results and pages that you would not normally have come across. You know when you type a query into Google, Bing or Yahoo you always see results from sites like Wikipedia, with this search engine you are not going to see results from these sites. What you get is the whole other perspective.

Million Short: How does it work
You simple go to the search engine and type in your query. Once you do that and hit enter you are served up you results with short of the top million usual results. You can then decide how short you want your results. You can then also decide how short by - answers you want to receive. Short by 100k results, 10k results, thousands from results and 100 from results. If you decide you want normal results without cutting anything short from the drop-down below remove from top, you can select don't remove any sites. Selecting this option will bring you results that are normal. Anyways' once you search with the top million removed you can results and a list of the sites that have been removed will appear on the right-hand column.  if you would like to continue search with your favorite sites included, click on manager settings and add 'My included sites' or 'My excluded sites'. You can also choose your adult filter to low medium or high. This web app can be quiet good fun and you need to give it a twirl. You can also add million short to your web browser. So have fun and let us know your feedback in the comments section below.
Million Short

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