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Facebook passwords can be used in three different forms to login

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This might come as news to you but your Facebook password is after all not case sensitive. You can actually use 3 variants of your password to login to Facebook. You can use full caps or lower caps, which means that no matter if you enter your password in upper case of lower case you can login to Facebook, you can also toggle you password with upper and lower case to login especially when using mobile devices. Let's illustrate this to get the point across. Let's say your password is password123.

If you password is: password123 you can try the following to login to Facebook
1. password123
3. Password123

So Facebook will accept your original password, password with the case reversed and password with the first letter capitalized (Usually mobile devices only). 

This was found out by Emil Protalinski of ZDNET; who also contacted Facebook to inquire about the same and even got a response. With the Facebook engineer for security saying that three forms of the user's password. 

This is done for the following reasons. 
1. To help users login if they accidentally have caps lock on
2. If an user inadvertently has caps lock on on their mobile device and the first letter is automatically entered in upper case.
3. Since Facebook uses several encryption technologies and does not store passwords in plain text this will not compromise the security of a password. 
You can try it out now at www.facebook.com/login.php
Source: ZDNET

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