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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Facebook Map: How to add photos

You can add photos to your Facebook map for a little bit of geo-tagging fun. Show your Facebook pals all your photos on your map. Let people travel with you around the world and see you photos taken in various places. Once your friends visit your map they can see your map icons and clicking on it will take them to that place and they can then see your snaps and photos on the map.

How to add photos to your Facebook Map
1. Login to Facebook
2. Click on your name and go to your Timeline
3. Click on your Map - Under cover photo. If not visible click the down-arrow and you will find your map icon.
4. Click on Add photos to map
5. All your photos are display in a film-stripe style on top of the map
6. At the bottom you can choose the category - Places Lived, Life events, Trips and Photos
7. Click on an image you want to add to your Map and you will get a drop-down text box 'Where was this taken'. Simply enter the location info. You will now get a list that appears to help you select the correct location.
8. when you have finished adding all your pics to the map click on 'Done Editing'
9. Your Facebook friends can now visit your map and check out all your pics in the places they were taken. 
For more help and info please check out the video below. You comments below please to continue this discussion.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bing now features updated maps and Twitter feed.

bing: Connecting people, places and things. This is the Title of the new Bing blog with the latest announcements. Microsoft has announced that it has further tweaked its search engine Bing. The new features include maps that are located at street level as in Google Maps. You can also move about in different directions to get a better view of the locality. To Access the Bing Maps Beta click here.

There will also be a Twitter feed available for you to find out the latest happenings on the are your searching.

Bing could gain market share once they complete their search and advertising deal with Yahoo. Which will power back-end searches on Yahoo pages.

Found on pcmag a cool new visual tour. Go there if you would like to see early visual of the new features.

They would however need to tweak the photo and Twitter integration to make it more meaningful. Bing continues to take the fight to Google.

One particularly clever app is Photosynth, a photo-management tool from Microsoft that stitches together digital images to create "synths"-- 3-D renderings of multiple photos of the same scene. Bing users can rotate and view the synths from many angles. The more photos supplied by Bing users, the better the 3D effect:

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