Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How to use Path Messenger and send Stickers

We have already written about Path (The Social Network on SmartPhones) and how it works. Path have now updated both their iPhone App and the Android app and is now known as Path 3. Path 3 has a huge update - private messaging and stickers. Just like in other social networks like Facebook and Google+ - Path now has instant messaging. You can chat with a friend or a group of friends and along with your chat you can also send stickers, voice message, photos, videos, songs, books and your location.

Path MessengerThis way you can carry on meaningful or fun conversations with a single user or a group of your friends. Stickers have become very popular on the interwebs and sending them is a fun. With Path messaging you can go to the another new function - The Shop. here you can unlock some stickers for free and the others for a fee. Click on any sticker and send them instantly to your friends.

1. How to access the Path Messenger on my Phone
Like on Facebook Messenger - simply swipe to the right or on the top-right button to bring up the Path Private Messenger.

Visit Path on the web here.

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