Thursday, March 7, 2013

Is Russel Crowe's UFO Real

Russel Crowe is in the news again, this time not for a movie he has starred in or something the actor did. This time it's totally different; the actor shared a UFO video via his Twitter account, which soon went viral. The video taken from his office shows three red UFOs moving around Sydney's Royal Botanic Gardens. This is about half a mile away form his office and was taken using a telephoto lens. The rumors doing the rounds on the internet is that this video was posted just a few hours after Russel was complaining on Twitter that his new flick ( Broken City) was being under-promoted. His rep has confirmed that the footage was filmed 4 years ago by Russel's friend acclaimed cinematographer Duane Manwiller.

Is the Russel Crowe UFO RealSo is it real? did the actor and his friend film a real UFO is was it something else. YouTube user has a fantastic explanation for what happened here and we definitely have a winner. Apparently it was a sailboat and the video below explains it in greater detail. Russel Crow just got burned. The video that could have rattled all of science.

The original Tweet from Russel Crowe


The Original video

The explanation

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