Thursday, March 7, 2013

Arnold Schwarzenegger posts Reddit video inspiring you to go to the GYM

Need inspiration to hit the gym and work those muscles  Former Mr. Universe and now Governor of California posts a self-post video to Reddit. He aptly titled the video ' This inspired me, and I bet it will inspire you'. The post is a YouTube video of Derick Carver doing the crossfit 'Linda' workout at the 2013 Arnold Classic. Derick only has one leg and is recovering form a near fatal attack in Afghanistan. He is even opening his own Crossfit affiliate in Shelby, Michigan. he even has his own website

Arnold Schwarzenegger inspired by this workoutCrossfit training calls for people to use weights, gymnastics and other exercises and equipment that contribute to general fitness. The video posted is definitely an inspiration and will help you get off your butt and head for the gym. if this video inspired Arnold Schwarzenegger, then it must surly inspire you. Check out his original posting on Reddit here. Read more of our pro life tips here.

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