Thursday, March 7, 2013

How to tag YouTube videos together

This is one of the newest features on YouTube - the ability to tag YouTube videos together with the same tags. Before we start on how to do this, one important question must be. How do YouTube tags work and are they really important. The reason why tags are important is that they help promote your video on YouTube. So when uses search using a string of works and your tags match. Your video will show up. This is assuming you already have uploaded videos to YouTube and own a YouTube channel.

If you are familiar with creating and uploading videos to YouTube. You are aware that when uploading you have ability to tag videos. This post is not about that. This is about using tags and grouping your videos together for the same tags. So if there is a new tag you want to use and would like to group two or more videos under the same tag. You can do so in a few quick and easy steps.

How to tag videos together on YouTubeHow to tag your YouTube videos
1. Login to YouTube
2. Click on your username
3. Click on Video Manager
4. Select the videos you want to apply tags for (click on the checkbox)
5. From the dropdown beside tag on the top, select the tags you want to use.

How to remove tags
1. Follow the same process mentioned above
2. Uncheck the tags you no longer wish to you
3. You're done.

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