Friday, September 21, 2012

Nextdoor Social Network: How does it work

Nextdoor social networking site

Nextdoor is a Social Network that is meant for neighborhoods and people living close by. In a way bringing your neighborhood online and creating awareness among communities. Also a place if you would like to get to know your neighbors a little more and start sharing. Provided of-course that they are already there on Nextdoor. The social network also says that they've been inspired by the early days of Facebook and to join you would need to enter your real name and your real address. Once you have entered this information you will get a postcard to verify that it is you at this address. A call to your landline phone number. Credit card verification or reference from an already verified neighbor. These are the four methods that Nextdoor uses to verify that you indeed live in that neighborhood. 

Nexdoor: How it works
1. Head over to Nextdoor and you will be asked to enter information like your email ID, street address, city, state and Zipcode to see if your neighborhood is already listed.
2. If you neighborhood is already listed you would need to enter any of the four methods mentioned above to prove your existence in that neighborhood. 
3. If your neighborhood is not listed you can send the site a message asking them to add your neighborhood.
4. Once setup you will need to create a profile and introduce yourself to your neighbors and let them know a little bit about you.
5. Now that you have joined other neighbors online you can view your news feed, maps and recommendations. All the things you must be familiar with if you are used to using Facebook, Google+ and Twiitter.

You can also draw your neighborhood on top of a Google map. Each neighborhood online might consist of 50 to 2000 members. Kind of safe and sound and considering you know the person's real name and where he or she lives might actually lower the risk of spam and other problems usually associated with larger social networks like Facebook etc. Will it take-off, let us know in the comments section below. Currently available in the US only.

The video introduction to Nextdoor - check it out to learn more.

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