Friday, October 21, 2011

How to disable to turn off Siri on a locked phone

Even if you iPhone is locked Siri is till accessible and can be activated by someone other then you. Once activated Siri can be asked to call any of your contacts, send a text message to your contacts, change your calendar, find out where someone is on your calendar or lockup and find anyone of your contacts. Siri can be asked to also change stored information. The problem is that once you lock your phone, all apps on your phone are supposed to be locked by default. This is one of the problems with Siri, you will need to use this easy fix to set things right.

How to disable Siri on a locked phone or locked screen

1. Start up your settings App

2. Tap on general

3. Tap on password lock

4. Enter your passcode

5. You will see  'Siri, next to the on/off slider.

6. Set it to Off

This will ensure that Siri is off and not usable when your phone is locked. 

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