Saturday, March 27, 2010

Orkut for Android — live folders, photo upload and Scrap Notifications

Google has released Orkut for Android phones,especially in places where they matter, mainly India and Brazil. Orkut the social networking service from Google which was launched a few years ago gained traction mainly in India and Brazil and still continues to be a popular social network in these countries. You can now use Orkut on all Smartphones built using the Android based operating system.

How to install the Orkut for Android Application.
1. Visit the Android market from your Android device
2. Under the social Applications category search for "Orkut"
3. Or directly scan the QR code below to install it.
Note: This application only runs on Android devices running version 1.6 or higher

How to install Orkut friends live folders on your Android Device
1. Click Menu
2. Add
3. Folders
4. Orkut
This needs to be done once you add the Orkut for Android application.

Add photos from your Android phone to Orkut
1. Click Menu
2. Share
3. Orkut
This can be done while browsing your photo albums on your Android phone

Scrap Notifications

You will get Orkut scrap notifications on your Android phone when you have new scraps. The scrap notifications will appear on your Android device notification bar. Clicking on notifications will take you to your   scrapbook page.

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