Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sony creating products to rival Apple's iPad and iTunes

According to people familiar with the matter, Sony is working on a smartphone that leverages the companies entertainment assets such as the PlayStation Portable. In addition to having all the features that come with a Smartphone it will also have the ability to play PSP games. 

There is also going to be a device that is more than a Netbook but less than a Laptop. Sounds familiar, well yes, sounds like that device Steve Jobs launched a short while back. So is Sony going to bring out an Apple iPad like device?. To do that they would need to break into the iTunes market with a Smartphone and an online Power house to combat Apple and their success. 

They already have Sony Online Entertainment created to replicate an iTunes style online utility. 

Meanwhile, sales of the PSP and PSP Go, portable versions of the PlayStation, are well below expectations, and sales of the Sony Ericsson smart phones fell hard in 2009.
The Wall Street Journal said that Sony is working with Sony Ericsson to develop the new smart phone, and that Sony is taking a more active role in its development than in the past.
Sony CEO Howard Stringer said at last month's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that Sony Ericsson phones will connect to the Sony Online Service in the future

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