Thursday, April 15, 2010

Eminem announces new album 'Recovery' on Twitter

Eminem fans received 2 messages from him on Twitter.

The First read "There is no Relapse 2"

Relapse 2 was supposed to be the follow-up to his chart topping LP 'Relapse'. His fans were waiting with a lot of anticipation for the new album that everyone knew was in the making. On Wednesday he tweeted that there would be no Relapse 2 which caused panic among his fans. 

But in a second tweet Marshall Mathers cleared the air saying simply in a not so cryptic message.

The much waited for and anticipated for album has got a new name 'Recovery". 

"I had originally planned for Relapse 2 to come out last year," remarked Eminem. "But as I kept recording and working with new producers, the idea of a sequel to Relapse started to make less and less sense to me, and I wanted to make a completely new album. The music on Recoverycame out very different from Relapse, and I think it deserves its own title."

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