Monday, April 26, 2010

How to activate Facebook on your Mobile phone

There are two ways to activate your mobile phone on Facebook. Once activated you can receive notifications for friend requests, messages, wall posts, news feed updates and status updates from your friends.

You can also update your status, search for phone numbers or upload photos and videos from your phone.

Here is a step by step guide on how to activate Faceboook on your mobile Phone

1. Login to facebook.
2. Click th Cog Icon
3. Click on Account Settings
4. On the left bar click on Mobile
5. Click the link which says " Register for Facebook Text Messages"
6. Choose a Carrier depending on which country your in.
7. You receieve a message that looks like this "Using your mobile phone, send a text message containing only the letter "f" (without quotes) to 9236666666 (92FACEBOOK).*
8. Once you send the Text message you get a confirmation code from Facebook which you need to enter. Facebook sends you this message.

"In a few seconds, you should receive a text message that contains your mobile activation code. If you haven't received a code after a few minutes, please repeat Step #2."

9. You need to enter your mobile activation code in the space provided.
10. You can also enter your mobile activation code at a later time. Using the "Already received a confirmation code?" found on the same page.

Activating Facebook Mobile

1. Go to
2. Click on "Signup for Facebook Text Messages"
3. Please choose your country and mobile service provider below.
4. You will receive a message that looks like this
Using your mobile phone, send a text message containing only the letter "f" (without quotes) to 9236666666 (92FACEBOOK).*
5. Once you send the text message you will receive a mobile activation confirmation code that needs to be entered in you facebook account.

Note: Facebook does not charge for this service. Standard message rates apply

Note: When we first wrote this post Facebook had not yet release their Android, iPhone and iPad Apps. If you would like to activate Facebook on your SmartPhone. Links are provided below.



  1. hey.. my fb notifications were coming thru slowly/ late to my phone.
    so i've decided to re-do the whole procedure to get fb onto my mobile.
    but now, it wont let me send a message to 9236666666 or 32665 for the code... its fails and doesnt send.
    do you know why? is it my carrier, maybe?
    im on 3 mobile- UK

  2. i had fb text on my phone.
    but then i removed it completely
    now i want it back but it wont let me get it. cuz my code wont work. how do i get it again?

  3. damn well i was gonna ask how i activate mobile uploads... like uploadings pictures and stuff to my face book... but nobodies answered since february