Tuesday, April 27, 2010

PetVille Enchanted Crates

PetVille has released the enchanted mystery crate and it comes for 30 pet cash about $2.50. Each crate has one of possible 8 enchanted gifts inside it. By the looks from the picture below it is possible to see a purple tree surrounded by lights, a castle and a shield.

Users however are reacting quiet strongly to this whole price thing. 30 PetVille cash is quiet a lot of money and users are starting to complain. 

Below are a few statements from users on PetVille's Facebook page

I think they need to explain exactly what is in each crate. What EXACTLY are the enchanted items? And guarantee no duplicates. Seriously Zynga 30 for each times 6 is 180. That alone is ridiculous but to take a chance on getting two of the same. No way

I  have alot of trouble getting petville cash! And its not easy getting petville cash!!! The only reason why the ppl who built petville make it hard to get petville cash is because they want real money, they get real money when ppl buy the PV Cash! I Am not buying PV Cash!! This is starting to get stupid!!!!

petville enchanted crates

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