Wednesday, April 28, 2010

PetVille Smooch Fest and Warm Welcomer challenge

In keeping with it's weekly challenge tradition PetVille has launched this week's challenges. 1. Warm Welcomer and 2. Smooch fest. Once you complete this challenge you are rewarded with a special badge which comes along with it's own bragging rights.

petville two new challenges

1. Warm Welcomer. Requires you to visit a neighbor who has joined PetVille in the last seven days and given them a warm hearty welcome. If you get new neighbors to join works just as well. Sp gp ahead and visit all your new neighbors and welcome them it's that simple. 

2. Smooch Fest. Get ready to share the love. The challenge requires you to visit 10 neighbors in the next seven days and smooch them. To do this go to your neighbors house and click on the purple balloon icon on the left hand side of your screen. Which brings up the let's play screen. Select the lips icon that shows up and let the smooching begin. 

petville select kiss from the let's play menu

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