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Friday, June 4, 2010

petville pets and the city crates

Pets and the city are a theme based. You know they are based on Sex and the City. Yes, PetVille has decided to up the spice of the game.These crates are all about sexiness and fashion. As the original Movie is about James Bond for women. Where the women are strong minded have the best partners and are bold and enjoy themselves.

Your pet gets 1 girlfriend, her three best girlfriends. There are 6 crates to collect. The first crate comes for 25 PetVille cash. So if you want Sex in the City stuff for your pet you need to have Pet Cash.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

PetVille Smooch Fest and Warm Welcomer challenge

In keeping with it's weekly challenge tradition PetVille has launched this week's challenges. 1. Warm Welcomer and 2. Smooch fest. Once you complete this challenge you are rewarded with a special badge which comes along with it's own bragging rights.

petville two new challenges

1. Warm Welcomer. Requires you to visit a neighbor who has joined PetVille in the last seven days and given them a warm hearty welcome. If you get new neighbors to join works just as well. Sp gp ahead and visit all your new neighbors and welcome them it's that simple. 

2. Smooch Fest. Get ready to share the love. The challenge requires you to visit 10 neighbors in the next seven days and smooch them. To do this go to your neighbors house and click on the purple balloon icon on the left hand side of your screen. Which brings up the let's play screen. Select the lips icon that shows up and let the smooching begin. 

petville select kiss from the let's play menu

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

PetVille Mini-Cafe

Cafe World collectible gifts come to PetVille. You can now build your pet a mini-cafe right in your pet's home. There will be 10 collectible cafe-themed collectible items available over the next 20 days. Each item will be available as a free gift for 48 hours. The collection will include a chef, a mini-stove, a mini-table, mini-chair and a mini-sign as well. The way to receive these items as free gifts is to send them first to your friends with a wink or a nudge to get them sent back to you.

Each of the 10 limited edition gifts will be  available for 2 days only. Send them to your friends and hope your friends return the love and send some back.

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Friday, April 9, 2010

PetVille new recreation room Decorations

PetVille has added several new decorations to the rec room. All to help your Pet get it's dance on. The rec room features a whole lot of new items meant to bring on a whole new level of excitement and fun. The recreation room seems to be transforming itself into a room meant to give you and you pet all the bragging rights in terms of items to get your Pet groove on. So go ahead and give you Rec room all the party themed items your pet deserves.

New today:

Insta-Disco Light

We're #1 Fan Foam Finger Accessory

Smooth Zazzle Soda Machine

Bubbly & Fizzy Soda Machine

Cold Pop! Soda Machine

Retro Chrome Bar Table

Pink Furrball Foosball Table

Sure Bounce Blossom Trampoline

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    Wednesday, April 7, 2010

    PetVille Recreation Room

    PetVille has been announcing the new recreation or rec room now available for your pet. In addition to the Rec room there is also a brand new floor has been added to the Furniture store.

    Check out these updates from the PetVille Twitter page.

    Rec room decorations are coming soon! Will you get your pet a pool table or pinball machine?

    Decorate your rec room now! A brand new floor has just been added to the furniture store. Check it out! 

    Your Pet's New recreation room now has poker tables, pinball machines, popcorn and pool tables!

    The new floor at the furniture store is called the Recreation floor and has everything that you pet would need to spend some quality time in. Most of the items are available for Pet Cash.

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    Monday, April 5, 2010

    PetVille 10,000 Pet Cash Winner

    With all the speculation of the PetVille pet cash offer for where all users had to do was click on a link and enter the drawing. Since the winner was supposed to be announced on April fool's day and the contest was launched just a few days before April fool's day. There was a lot of speculation that this might just be an April fool's joke played by PetVille.

    People writing about it really wondered if they would give away 10,000 in Pet Cash. The PetVille pet cash giveaway was considered by many people as just a big joke but apparently it did not turn out to be so. There is a winner and the winner and his Pet are the recipients of 10,000 in Pet Cash.

    For those of you who are not familiar with PetVille. Pet Cash is what is used to buy either PetVille Coins or PetVille Cash. Some items are sold on PetVille for real cash making this one of the richest social games on the web right now.

    The happy winner of that Pet Cash  is Pawal S and his pet Puszek.

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    Saturday, February 6, 2010

    How to shop in Petville.

    How to go shopping in Petville.

    If you would like to go shopping in Petville for new furniture, clothes, hardware and costumes and buy, something this is what you would need to do.

    1. On the lower left hand corner of your Petville screen click on the world icon.
    2. Dialog box opens showing you various places you can go to in Petville
    3. On top of the dialog you will see icons for the Clothing store, Furniture store and Hardware store.Simply click on the store you would like to visit.
    4. Choose an item you would like to buy and click on it.
    5. A dialog opens confirming your intent to purchase the item.
    6. Click 'Buy' to purchase the item of click 'Cancel' to return to the store
    7. If you take your pet along to the store click on an item to see how it fits your pet. Some item are full pieces of clothing which other simply cover one half of your pet.
    8. Once your satisfied and buy a piece of clothing it will immediately go into your wardrobe.
    9. Hardware and Furniture items bought in the store are automatically placed in your storage
    10. To use Hardware and Furniture item in-game click on your 'Storage' icon and then drag the item into your house

    Love points are added for every purchase you make. An average of 1 love point for every 10 coins you spend

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    How to get your pet to do something cute in Petville

    With all the attention you give your cute pet. You pet jumps around, sits down, lies down on certain pieces of furniture like chairs and beds. If you would like to see your pet do something cute try clicking on various pieces of furniture and your pet will react by doing something cute.

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    How to sell items in Petville.

    Once you decide you no longer want an item you can sell it back to the game.

    Here are the steps you need to follow to sell an item back to Petville game.

    1. Click the storage icon and choose the item you want to sell
    2. Hold down your mouse button and drag the item to the cash register icon on the right side of your storage area.
    3. When you release your mouse button there dialog box will appear which will prompt you on your intent to sell. It was also list the quantity and price of the item.
    4. If you have more than one of the same item that you would like to sell. Simply press the '+' sign next to quantity.
    5. You will however not receive the full purchase price of the item. As is in all items that a re seconds.
    6. To complete the sale click on 'Sell' and if you decide however that you really do not want to sell simply click 'Cancel' and the item will be restored back to storage
    7. If however you do go through with the sale and then decide that you would actually like to have the item back you would then need to go back to the store and buy it again paying the full price.

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    Thursday, February 4, 2010

    How to get a garage in Petville.

    To get a garage in Petville you need to level up to it. Once your at level 24 you get your four rooms and buy a Garage for 25000 dollars. Once you see the garage door you need to click on the lower right hand corner that has a door on it and the Petville will let you know how much it is to buy.

    Where to find accessories for my Garage?
    Currently there does not seem to be any accessories that you can buy for your Garage. Accessories and things for your garage will probable be added in the coming weeks. Once accessories are launched we will update this page

    How many rooms can I have in Petville?
    Once you get the garage you get another room to clean with gives you two more coins. There are 6 rooms in total that you can get in Petville

    How to leveup in Petville?
    One of the best ways is to get a lot of Neighbours and or Join Petville pages on Facebook and get a lot of freinds from there.

    How to get a Car in Petville?
    You can buy a car or get a Garage which comes with a car. The car is just there for aesthetics and looks becasue you cannot drive it around.

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