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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

FarmVille Tweet for Farm Cash Contest

Announced on the FarmVille Community forums. 

FarmVille is holding a special 3-day Twitter contest!

We're giving away 100 Farm Cash to 10 daily winners, and one Grand Prize winner will win 500 Farm Cash! It's just a simple tweet a day!

To Enter:

  1. Log into your Twitter account and make sure you're following @zfarmville -

  • If you don't have a Twitter account, it only takes minutes to register!

  1. Tweet this contest message: "Tweet for FC Day 1! I want to win 500 Farm Cash from @zfarmville!"

  2. On the second day, tweet: “Tweet for FC Day 2! I want to win 500 Farm Cash from @zfarmville” 

  3. And, on the third day, tweet: “Tweet for FC Day 3! I want to win 500 Farm Cash from @zfarmville!”

You may submit up to 5 tweets a day.

Tweets for the daily prize will be accepted until 11:59 pm PST each day, and winners, who are randomly selected, will be announced the following morning.

A Grand Prize winner will be chosen on Sunday May 9th at 11:59pm PST and will be announced on Monday the 10th of May.

The more you tweet, the better your chances of winning 100 or 500 Farm Cash! 

Contest runs from May 4th, 2010 at 5:25 PM PST - May 7th, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST.

Winners will be announced on Twitter and on the FarmVille fan page. Don't forget to spread the word about our special 3-day contest!

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Mafia Wars Paris Challenge Mission Chapter 2

Mafia Wars Paris continues with chapter 2. In chapter two the goal is to steel the Mono Liza. Get in the game now to work out your strategy and go steel the Mona Lisa. We will update this post as more details emerge.

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Friday, April 9, 2010

PetVille adds new spring time Collections

A brand new collection of items is now available in the Outdoors Store! Decorate your backyard with plants, birdfeeders, rocking chairs, porch swings and more!

Also added to the Outdoors Store is the Spring Swing from our Backyard Designer Contest winner! This adorable swing is covered with yellow flowers and animated butterflies!

All these items are available in the outdoor store and are available for Pet Cash. One of the features of the outdoor store is Pedro the pony available for Pet Cash. Milo the puppy, picnic basket setup, kitty on a clothesline, lemonade stand, dwarf lemon tree in pot, etc.

There is a whole list of collections to be had.

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PetVille new recreation room Decorations

PetVille has added several new decorations to the rec room. All to help your Pet get it's dance on. The rec room features a whole lot of new items meant to bring on a whole new level of excitement and fun. The recreation room seems to be transforming itself into a room meant to give you and you pet all the bragging rights in terms of items to get your Pet groove on. So go ahead and give you Rec room all the party themed items your pet deserves.

New today:

Insta-Disco Light

We're #1 Fan Foam Finger Accessory

Smooth Zazzle Soda Machine

Bubbly & Fizzy Soda Machine

Cold Pop! Soda Machine

Retro Chrome Bar Table

Pink Furrball Foosball Table

Sure Bounce Blossom Trampoline

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    Thursday, April 8, 2010

    FarmVille Puppies

    Puppies can be purchased from the market for either farm cash or coins. The red border coolie can be purchased for 300,000 coins from the market, currently this is the only breed and color that can be purchased for coins and you can also change it's color. If you change it's color you will be charged farm cash for your purchase. when you click buy a pop-up will appear letting you know that you'll need to feed your puppy everyday in order to keep it from running away. Clicking ok on this pop-up will take you to the puppy customization screen, at this point you can pick a name and a gender for your puppy. Once your ready to purchase the red border coolie click the buy button. You will also receive a pop-up reminding you to feed your puppy kibble once every 24 hours. If your puppy runs up to you with a thought button over it's head with kibble inside it means your puppy is hungry and needs to be fed. In order to keep your puppy from going to the pound you need to feed it kibble once every 24 hours. Kibble can be purchased from the market for 5 farm cash or you can ask your friends to send you kibble. Clicking the "Ask Your Friends" will give you to option to post a feed that if clicked, will allow 3 of your neighbors to send you one bag of kibble each. This feed will remain active for 24 hours or until 3 neighbors have clicked it. Each neighbor that helps you will receive a 100 coins. All the kibble you receive either from the market or your neighbors will automatically go into you gift box. To find the status of your puppy simply mouse over your pet and you'll see how many times out of 14 that they have been fed. If they are currently hungry you will see how much time they have before they run away. If they have already been fed you will see a timer showing you how much time there is before they are hungry again. 

    If you neglect to feed your puppy it will end up in the pound and you would need to pay farm cash to get it out. If your puppy runs away there will be an icon on the left hand of your screen with picture of your puppy behind bars. Clicking on this icon will inform you that your puppy is in the pound. From the pet section of the market you will have to pay 3 farm cash to free your puppy from the pound. 

    Remember you can only have one coin purchased puppy, that means if your puppy goes to the pound you cannot get another puppy for coins. You will have to release him from the pound or purchase a new puppy from the market with farm cash. 

    If you do not want to deal with the stress of a coin puppy you can buy the golden retriever sheep dog and border coolie for 65 farm cash each. Each puppy has the option for three different colors along with the same options as the coin puppy. The cash puppy also comes along with a two week supply of kibble. You may purchase as many farm cash puppies as you want and they will not run away if they are not fed. All puppies well taken care of will become full grown dogs in the future.  

    Puppies have arrived in FarmVille! Now you can choose, name and adopt your very own furry friend! Visit the Market to take home an adorable Golden Retriever, Sheepdog or Border Collie today!

    Pets have finally come to FarmVille.You can now buy a puppy of your very own in our Market! Your new puppy will follow you wherever you go, and will eventually become a full grown dog! Here’s how you can get one.

    How to get a puppy in FarmVille

    Coin Option – Buying Your Puppy
    You can purchase the Red Border Collie for 300,000 Coins:

    When you click Buy, the following pop-up appears, letting you know that you’ll need to feed your puppy every day in order to keep it from running away. You are NOT charged for the puppy at this point. Clicking Okay on this pop-up takes you to the Puppy Customization screen:

    At this point, you can pick a Name for your puppy, and whether it is Male or Female. 
    PLEASE NOTE: The only color available for the coin Border Collie is Red. If you select a color other than Red, the price will change from 300,000 Coins to 65 Farm Cash:

    Once you’re ready to purchase your Red Border Collie, click the Buy button. You’ll receive a popup reminding you to feed your puppy Kibble once every day, or it will run away:

    Clicking Okay will take you to your Farm to place your new puppy. You are only charged for the puppy when you place him or her on your Farm. Once your puppy is placed, it will run up to you with a thought bubble over its head with Kibble inside.

    This means that your puppy is hungry and needs kibble!
    Coin Option – Feeding Your Puppy
    In order to keep your puppy around, once it’s hungry you’ll need to feed it Kibble once every 24 hours for a period of 14 days. You can get Kibble one of two ways:

    Purchasing it in the Market for 5 Farm Cash (one bag per 5 Farm Cash):

    Or you can ask your friends to send you Kibble via Feeds. Selecting Ask for Kibble from your puppy’s pulldown menu will bring up the following popup:

    Clicking Ask Your Friends will give you the option to post a feed that if clicked will let up to three of your neighbors send you one bag of Kibble each. This feed remains active for up to 24 hours, or once three neighbors have clicked. Each neighbor that helps you receives 100 Coins.

    All Kibble you receive whether from Neighbors or from the Market will automatically go to your Gift Box. To feed your puppy, when you have Kibble available and they are hungry, either select Feed from the puppy’s pulldown menu.

    To view the status of your puppy, simply mouseover your pet, and you’ll see how many times out of 14 that they’ve already been fed. If they’re currently hungry, you’ll see how much time you have before they run away (the “Feed Now” timer). If they’ve already been fed once for the day, you’ll see a timer showing how long you have before they’re hungry again.

    Clicking Pay Fine will take you to the Pets section of the Market with a ‘Rescue My Dog’ option.

    Clicking Buy will take you back to your Farm and give you the option to place your puppy.
    Farm Cash Option – Buying A Puppy
    You can buy the Golden Retriever, Sheep Dog, and Border Collie for 65 Farm Cash Each. Each Puppy has the option for three different colors, along with the same options as the Coin Option puppy. The Cash puppy also comes with a 2 weeks supply of Kibble.

    You may purchase as many Farm Cash puppies as you want, and they will not run away if they are not fed for a day.

    Eventually, all puppies, if well taken care of will become full grown dogs!
    PLEASE NOTE: Your Farm Cash will not be deducted until you place your puppy on your Farm.

    Remember that you may only have one Coin purchased puppy. That means that if your puppy goes to the pound, you can not purchase another Coin puppy. You’ll have to retrieve your original puppy from the pound.
    Rescuing Your Puppy From the Pound – Coin Puppy Only
    If you forget to feed your puppy, they’ll end up in the pound, and you’ll need to pay to get them out. When you enter FarmVille after your puppy’s run away, there will be a HUD icon in the upper-left hand corner of your screen with a puppy behind bars. Once you click on this HUD icon, you’ll receive the following pop up:

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    Wednesday, April 7, 2010

    PetVille Recreation Room

    PetVille has been announcing the new recreation or rec room now available for your pet. In addition to the Rec room there is also a brand new floor has been added to the Furniture store.

    Check out these updates from the PetVille Twitter page.

    Rec room decorations are coming soon! Will you get your pet a pool table or pinball machine?

    Decorate your rec room now! A brand new floor has just been added to the furniture store. Check it out! 

    Your Pet's New recreation room now has poker tables, pinball machines, popcorn and pool tables!

    The new floor at the furniture store is called the Recreation floor and has everything that you pet would need to spend some quality time in. Most of the items are available for Pet Cash.

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    Saturday, April 3, 2010

    Mafia Wars Golden Egg

    Mafia Wars has a new Easter featured job - Assemble an Easter Crime Basket. There are a choice of 2 jobs, each will give you unique limited edition loot. You can then decide how you want to play and master the featured job. And you will be rewarded with the prized Golden Egg.

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    Wednesday, March 31, 2010

    FarmVille new limited edition items

    FarmVille has some new cool limited editions items heading to all farmers.

    In addition to the regular mystery box there will also be an April's Fool day mystery box for a limited amount of time.

    Spring themed limited items that are coming soon include a chocolate cow, egg shaped houses and some very cute little bunnies.

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    FarmVille Co-op Farming details

    Co-op farming is coming soon to FarmVille and here are the official details.

    1. New Jobs that you can complete with your friends
    2. FarmVille will feature new jobs that you can complete with your friends
    3. Folks in FV can ask for help completing various will ask for help in completing various farming jobs. You'll be able to team up with your friends and neighbors to tackle these jobs for various rewards
    4. Each one of these jobs will have a timer.
    5. If you and your friends finish the job before the timer expires you will receive either a gold silver or bronze medal depending on how quick and efficient you are your friends were.
    6. The faster you finish the better the medal
    7. If you and your neighbors are savvy enough to win a gold medal you will unlock a very special prize.

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    Tuesday, March 30, 2010

    FarmVille Pony Foals

    FarmVille has released an update with regards to the Horse Stables. Previously the pink haired ponies and the brown ponies would only produce brown foals when placed in the horse stable as of March 25th Brown ponies and pink haired ponies would now produce pony foals when now placed in the horse stable with a stallion. So ponies can now produce pony foals.

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    FarmVille Spring Basket

    FarmVille's spring themed feature the new spring basket allows you to collect spring eggs (easter eggs) from your friends and redeem them for special items. (calls easter eggs. spring eggs because not all of their users celebrate easter).

    This feature works exactly as the valentine's day box and the pot of gold.

    How this feature works.
    On opening your gift box you will find a spring basket waiting for you. After you place the spring basket on your farm you will be able to start collecting spring eggs. In order to collect spring eggs you will have to receive them from friends as gifts. Eggs can be sent to neighbors via the free gifts page. You will also be able to find eggs while fertilizing a neighbors farm. Clicking the "Asked For Eggs" button will allow you to send a single spring eggs to any of your friends just like the free gifts page. This gives you friends the chance to send you one in return. New farmers having been around for seven days or less can send out more eggs at a time. New farmers can send three spring eggs to a single friend. Upon accepting a spring egg it will appear in your gift box. Clicking "Use" will place the gift in your box automatically.

    Every five spring eggs you collect you'll be able to post a feed to your wall to alert your friends of how all your doing and give them a chance to collect a free spring egg. Ten neighbors will be able to collect one free spring eggs by clicking on the feed within 24 hours. For each notch on the meter of your spring egg progress bar you basket will change appearance. Over flowing with more and more gifts. Clicking "Progress" in the spring basket menu will show you how many eggs you have in comparison to your friends.

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    Friday, March 26, 2010

    Mafia Wars Game Cards

    Prepaid game cards are now available at a store near you. Retails are now selling Game Cards for Mafia Wars. Available at  7-Eleven, Inc., Best Buy, GameStop and Target. Making it easier for people who do not use credit cards to go to a retailer close to their home to purchase these prepaid game cards. 

    For Mafia Wars it works similar to reward points but with two offers. 

    • $10 Gift Card for 42 Reward Points

    • $25 Gift Card for 110 Reward Points

    After purchasing your game card go to your Godfather page and click on 'Game Cards' and redeem your reward points by clicking on the 10 digit pin on the back of your card. 

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    How to build a yard in PetVille

    PetVille has announced new Yards for your pet house. There is a simple way to get started and you can also help your friends get started by sending them free gifts. The new yard store is also open and ready for business with materials to help decorate your yard.

    How to Build a yard.
    There are 5 different kinds of material that you will need.
    Collect each of 10 yard building materials for a total of 50 items
    Each of your friends can send you different kinds of materials
    Extra yard material can be purchased from the yard window

    How to get started.
    To get started you would need to click on the new yard icon on the right side of your house.

    There will be a progress sign while you are constructing your yard.

    You get one wheelbarrow of dirt to help you get started. Your yard will contain a wooden sign with a green button on it. Click this button to use the materials you have collected. This button can be used anytime you have new materials to use.


    Once you have used up all your materials you would need to click on the "Get Supplies" button in your yard to bring up the materials window. In this window you can see how many more materials you would need, buy more materials, or ask your friends to send you more materials.

    Send your friends yard materials for free and ask them to send some back to you.

    Sending Materials:

    Each pet can send 2 of the 5 materials you will need. These materials that you gift are determined randomly, so you will need the help of a few friends to collect all of the 5 different kinds of materials that you will need.

    Once your done:

    Once you finish building your yard you can then begin to decorate. Visit the new yard store to find decorations. Click on the world icon to visit the brand new yard store.

    So go ahead and give your pet's a breath of fresh air and a feel of the great outdoors

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    Wednesday, March 24, 2010

    Announcement: 25% off Pets in Wonderville for one day only

    PetVille has announced a discounted sale of all pets in Wonderville for a day only. 25% off on all available pets. So hurry if you want to purchase new pets as this sale is for a day only. March 25, 2010.

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    Tuesday, March 23, 2010

    FarmVille New Features: Dogs, Winged Animals, Spring Items and New Challenges

    New Items are coming to farmVille to get all farmers excited.

    Here is a list below.

    1. Dogs: it is now official dogs will be coming to FarmVille. There was a lot of speculation about dogs coming to FarmVille and it is now going to happen. Farmers can now have dogs on their farms. We do not know they breeds  and kinds of dogs but will update you as it happens.

    2. Animal Mystery Box: This will be a unique themed animals mystery box that will feature only winged animals. The box will feature some cool new animals making an appearance in the market.

    3. New great themes for spring features and items.

    4. New Challenges to feature rewards and bragging rights.

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    Saturday, March 20, 2010

    FarmVille Wandering Stallions

    How to get a foal in FarmVille.

    You need to first find a Stallion wandering around on your farm. Once found you could offer shelter to the New Stallion in your Horse Stable resulting in a Foal the next time your harvest your stable. This seems the easiest way to get this cute looking creature on your Farm.

    So the next time you login to the game you will find an information pop-up warning you that you may come across a wondering Stallion on your farm. Once you find the stallion you can post your new discovery to your wall. you friends can click on it and also give the stallion shelter for the night inside their own stables.

    So the next time you and your friends harvest your stables you are likely to find a new foal. You don't actually adopt a stallion but simply give it shelter for the night.

    Here's how it works.

    1. Periodically you will get a pop-up that a wondering stallion has appeared on your farm
    2. This pop-up will allow you to post a feed to your wall
    3. 10 of your neighbors can click on this feed to give shelter to this wondering stallion.
    4. The wondering stallion is an event not a permanent animal that can be kept on your farm
    5. Choosing to give the wandering stallion shelter means he will automatically be placed into your horse stable.
    6. If you have a stallion to stand a chance of receiving a foal next time you collect from your stable
    7. If you already have a stallion you cannot get another
    8. Clicking on multiple feeds from your friends does not increase your chances of getting a foal.
    9. Once a foal is born you receive a pop up informing you that your foal is eager to explore the world.
    10. This feed can be posted to your wall and 5 of your neighbors clicking on this feed can receive a foal.
    11. Types of foal are determined by the types of horses in your stable.
    12. The type of foal you receive is determined by the kind of horses in your stable. Stables filled with pinto horses are more likely to find a pinto foal.
    13. The pink pony, brown pony,  high kick horse and spectator horse will produce a brown foal.
    14. Once your harvest a foal you would need to click on another wandering stallion to get another new foal.
    15. The limited edition white stallion can be placed inside your horse stable and  will act as a permanent wondering stallion. So each time you harvest from your stable you will stand a chance of finding a foal.
    16. If you find a foal you will not find a consumable. So if your priority is to find a consumable you may not want to click on the wandering stallion.
    17. If you do not receive a foal when you harvest your stable you will receive a arborist, farmhand or a 100 XP.
    18. baby foal are more than just cute. They can be brushed every 24 hours and they cannot be placed inside your horse stable.

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