Friday, April 9, 2010

PetVille new recreation room Decorations

PetVille has added several new decorations to the rec room. All to help your Pet get it's dance on. The rec room features a whole lot of new items meant to bring on a whole new level of excitement and fun. The recreation room seems to be transforming itself into a room meant to give you and you pet all the bragging rights in terms of items to get your Pet groove on. So go ahead and give you Rec room all the party themed items your pet deserves.

New today:

Insta-Disco Light

We're #1 Fan Foam Finger Accessory

Smooth Zazzle Soda Machine

Bubbly & Fizzy Soda Machine

Cold Pop! Soda Machine

Retro Chrome Bar Table

Pink Furrball Foosball Table

Sure Bounce Blossom Trampoline

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